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Can you answer a key industry question?

Neil PascaleWhat happened to the average wholesale selling price for cruisers this summer — did they increase or decrease compared to the year-ago period?

How about sport bikes?

If you don’t know the answers to those questions, consider yourself reprimanded.

Industry data is showing a minimum of three used on-road bikes are selling to every one new bike in the current marketplace and you’re not aware of current wholesale prices?

Take the step to become educated on the wholesale market, ie what’s happening at auction. We believe some of the models that will be unveiled in the days and weeks to come at international motorcycle shows will bring some energy and excitement to the new unit market in 2011, but not enough to make the used market any less important to dealership profitability next year.

If you’re just stepping into the used market or even have waded into those waters this past year to a small degree, then make sure and attend “A learning auction: 9 crucial wholesale tips.”

If, however, you’re a seasoned used market operator and want to get a better handle on what to expect on pricing and vehicle availability in the months to come, then attend “5 musts for greater preowned profits.”

Both of those seminars will be held Oct. 15-17 at Profit Xcelerator, Powersports Business’ annual dealership education conference & expo in Las Vegas. Go to for further details.

In the meantime, can you answer the two questions stated above: did cruisers and sport bikes’ average selling prices at National Powersport Auctions increase or decrease this summer compared to the prior year?

Post your thoughts this weekend and I’ll then provide answers.

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