Are you aligned for growth?

Tim CalhounAs the season drives forward at full speed there are signs of recovery and growth. OEMs have new financing, unit sales are up, and there seems to be a small national sigh of relief. But is your business aligned for success?

Fourteen years ago at a seminar I was attending, we were told that businesses needed to be FedEx fast and Disney friendly, and at that time it was savvy advice for a large distributor. In today’s market, expectations are even higher: You need to be Google fast and Amazon friendly.

Are your company goals, marketing, operations and online strategy aligned with your customers needs, or are they aligned with outdated ideas or only your own business needs? We are realizing economic and consumer evolutions. They are driving the bus; are you paying attention?

In just two short years of complete market upheaval, an elementally different economy has emerged. There is a different measurement of value by consumers and what you considered was essential to conduct business or close a sale before has less value now than you may imagine. Product differentials are smaller than ever as are retail prices between brands.

You will need to stand out, and in this new market, your reach is farther, stronger and more impactful than ever. You can reach more people and effect their buying decision with less staff than ever in business history. The mass market is quickly becoming multiple micro markets, and it is your job to figure out how to speak to them through social and paid media and the environment your store and staff create. Is your business aligned to do this?

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