Avoid the parts and accessories department trap

Another season is coming and this year is going to go one of two ways: Really, really well or slightly better than last year.

There are two success factors that are out of our control: weather and economy.

But there are factors that are in our control, if we choose to pursue success. That includes: participating in retailing. What do I mean by this? In regards to accessory sales, it’s a trap to think you can simply hang and hope your products will sell to your customers on their own. Although we do see a number of hot sellers every spring, some products won’t sell as well without three key retail elements:

  • products,
  • salesmanship,
  • effective visual merchandising.

If any one of these items is not equal, you can lose sales. Say your store has great products, great displays but poor salesmanship, that is a classic “Hang and Fail” situation you want to move away from.

People really do prefer to have people sell them. What customers hate is poor salesmanship. Dealing with salespeople that don’t know or care about the product they sell is really a turnoff and will kill the efforts you made to buy a great product with a great margin.

Check and see if your store’s sales strategy is balanced with equal parts of salesmanship, products and great displays. You will immediately see a change when this is your formula!

And by the way, it’s in your control!

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