How many birthdays are you going to let your stale inventory have?

I have never in my travels found a dealer who does not have some old product in stock, hanging on the wall or a shelf that refuses to be sold. More than likely, it’s some special order that was rejected, never picked up, possibly not paid for and only fits an obsolete model or someone’s specific taste.

How many birthdays will this product have before you find it and decide you should get it out of inventory?  

The unfortunate truth is inventory control does not truly exist in your store if you are in possession of birthday inventory. Some states tax inventory, so to keep inventory and at the full value is a killer. Birthday inventory could only be $2,500 worth, but moving that will provide cash flow and assist in you reinvesting in inventory that will sell.

So let’s hear from you all: Who’s willing to take the challenge and admit they have a birthday inventory stinker?

What products do you have and let’s see who admits to having the oldest. Anyone with a product in inventory that is 4 years old? 5 years old? Gulp, 6-plus years? And what is it? A jacket, wheel, chrome bolt-on item?

Now, let’s say you have 10 days to get rid of it, what is your plan?

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  1. Jennifer, how about 15+ years. Does the old Dorcy Tail light lenses count? Could not find any Wheelsport inventory (before your time ?)
    We still have 70+ Rocky Cycle piston kits, old Acerbis Plastics, Ceet seat covers and sticker kits.
    The good news is we bought this stuff on close outs for .10 on the dollar and we have listed most of it on Ebay. Now its moving and we are buzy selling when its cold out ! The vintage guys love us.
    Craig Silvers, Owner

  2. WOW! that is devotion to your products, Thanks for sharing your story… Whom else out there is holding? Come on you guys and gals, now is a time to laugh at these things, deal with them and move on! Never be too pround to admit something got by you, it happens to all of us from time to time!
    OUT WITH THE OLD PRODUCTS and PLEASE in with some new!

  3. Most frustrating is stocking another dealers old inventory because we bought it all when they went out of business! We seem to return OEM parts once a year from the .10 cents on the dollar buyout. the big downfall is all these non current parts and inventory are taking up the room and the cashflow that exciting new product could be having. non current doesnt draw new customers in either. we need to look into ebay selling now instead of concentrating on our local customers needs.

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