Best-In-Class – Marketing: Jonesboro Cycle & ATV

 “Utilizing social media to engage with customers, using email marketing to promote products and services, and leveraging online advertising platforms to reach a wider audience has proven to be successful for us,” says Deana Brassfield, marketing manager of Jonesboro Cycle & ATV. 

The Arkansas dealership promotes itself by creating engaging social media content, utilizing e-commerce promotion strategies, supporting local causes and participating in community-focused events. It also has a billboard down the road from the store and in a nearby city close to a competitor about 30 miles away.

Jonesboro Cycle & ATV is recognized as a Best-In-Class dealer for marketing
Hemant Patel (left) and Ben Kissling are the owners of Jonesboro Cycle & ATV. The dealership was recognized for its marketing practices at the 2022 Accelerate Conference. Photo courtesy of Jonesboro Cycle & ATV

“We strive to keep our social media feed interesting by posting a variety of content such as new product releases, industry news, educational posts about our products and services, behind-the-scenes glimpses of our team and store, customer stories and testimonials, and promotions and deals,” Brassfield says. “We also like to engage with our followers by asking questions, running contests and sharing user generated content. Our goal is to keep our followers engaged and informed about all things related to powersports.”

To reach new audiences, Jonesboro collaborates with influencers, attends events, and uses paid advertising and search engine optimization. The dealership strives to have a clear understanding of who its target audience is, so advertisements are constantly analyzed and adjusted. 

“We engage customers through a variety of marketing tactics such as targeted social media ads, email campaigns, and offering exclusive promotions and discounts to our loyal customers,” she notes. “We also prioritize creating a welcoming and knowledgeable atmosphere in our store and providing excellent customer service to ensure a positive experience for each customer.

“Reviews and texts have helped us achieve a strong brand reputation and connect with customers,” Brassfield adds.