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Best-In-Class – New Unit Sales: Octane Outlet

In Middletown, Ohio, sales were higher last year compared to this year for Octane Outlet. The dealership was the top five in its district for all brands it carries in 2021, after relocating to a 96,000 square foot location.

“This year, we have to get back to the old school selling instead of just taking orders,” says David Bush, sales manager of Octane Outlet. “We are selling again and getting back to showing the customer the reason they should buy at this dealership versus somewhere else. My salespeople know what they’re talking about. My people are enthusiasts, and they know how to land a customer on the unit that’s right for them. Our store is 100,000 square feet, so we’ve got a lot of good things going for us and a lot of reasons why people buy here and stay local.”

The Octane Outlet of Middletown facility is almost 100,000-square-feet. The dealership received a Best-In-Class award for new unit sales at the 2022 Accelerate Conference.

The dealership has more inventory now than it did in 2021, so sales are boosted by promoting its service department and apparel selection. 

“There is so much inventory out there,” he says. “It used to be, if you had the unit, people would just buy it during COVID. Now, if 10 dealers have it, we have to compete over price again. It just depends on what kind of business model you represent.”

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