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Best-In-Class – New Unit Sales: Logan Motorcycle Sales

During COVID−19, Logan Motorcycle Sales’ general manager held a training class four days a week, an hour each session, to train the new and old ways of selling and upselling. The sales, parts and service teams were included in the daily training to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

Employees were taught that the steps involved in a sale are key to a customer’s buying process. Having a set process allows any employee to assist the sale and a smooth buying process for the customer. The dealership’s set process led to maintained sales margins on new and pre-owned units of 16.9% in 2021.

Although sales have been slow at the start of this year for the dealership, Business Manager Justin Hall is confident that they will take off soon. He points out that high interest rates are part of the reason for the slower season. “They’re just skyrocketing right now,” he says. “I’m seeing tier-A customers getting eight and 10 percent.”  Despite slower new unit sales, other departments have been busy. 

Logan Motorcycle Sales of Wilkinson, West Virginia, is recognized as a Best-In-Class – New Unit Sales honoree. Photo courtesy of Logan

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