Ducati announces partnership to support RxArt nonprofit

Ducati North America has announced its partnership with ATWATER Skin to support RxART, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children in hospitals heal through the power of visual art.

The ATWATER Skin limited edition Clean Impact AXD1 Body Scrub & Cleansing Bar will drive proceeds to RxART from every purchase from AtwaterSkin.com. Proceeds will fund the completion of RxART’s newest art installation for the SUNY Upstate: Nappi Wellness Institute in Syracuse, New York.

“The ATWATER collaboration provides a great opportunity to bring the motorcycle community together with the worlds of personal care and contemporary art to support an amazing children’s charity,” said Jason Chinnock, CEO of Ducati North America. “We encourage Ducati fans across the U.S. to support RxART through this partnership to help in its mission to heal children with the power of visual art.”

RxART commissions establish contemporary artists to transform children’s hospital settings into engaging and inspiring healing environments full of beauty, humor and comfort. RxART has completed 57 projects with 66 artists in 37 hospitals across 21 cities in the U.S. since it first launched in 2000. Every project is produced at no cost to the partner hospitals and every commissioned artist is provided with an honorarium and the chance to inspire children during their medical journeys. As of 2023, RxART Projects have reached and continue to provide inspiration to more than 3 million patients throughout the U.S.

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