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Ducati reveals new carbon-frame electric mountain bike

Ducati has expanded its electric mountain bike (e-MTB) range with the introduction of the 2024 Powerstage RR Limited Edition. Ducati’s first carbon frame e-MTB has undergone lengthy testing on the toughest routes to guarantee maximum performance in the enduro field. The arrangement of the carbon layers and the types of intertwined fiber are the result of an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) analysis. More attention to stiffness has been given to the steering area, the rear chain stay and the engine area, reinforced by two ribs (T-Ribs).

The geometric solutions adopted make the Powerstage RR fast and stable on the roughest routes. The verticalized 78-degree seat tube angle allows the rider to assume an optimal position in the saddle on technical uphill sections, and a slack 64 degree head tube angle helps to overcome any obstacle at top speeds.

Ducati reveals the 2024 Powerstage RR Limited Edition e-MTB
Ducati has revealed the 2024 Powerstage RR Limited Edition, the company’s first carbon-framed e-MTB. Photos courtesy of Ducati

The new Shimano EP801 drive unit represents a benchmark for the category and maintains the native characteristics of the EP8: 250 Watts of nominal power and 85 Nm of torque. The new system features two preconfigured assistance profiles. “Long ride” favors autonomy on long tours and “fast ride” allows riders to enjoy maximum performance on shorter outings. The “Fine Tune” mode present on the Shimano E-Tube Project app allows riders to create personalized profiles. The removable 630Wh Shimano battery is positioned inside the vertical downtube to lower the center of gravity and improve the balance of the bike.

The Öhlins RXF38 m.2 air fork (7.1 inches of travel) and the Öhlins m.2 spring shock absorber with TTX technology (6.7 inches of travel) are fully adjustable in both rebound and compression at high and low speeds, ensuring precision riding and stability.

The SRAM GX AXS 12-speed wireless rear electronic shifting provides immediate and precise shifting and powerful braking is offered with the Braking First brakes.

The 2024 Powerstage RR Limited Edition can be has an MSRP of $11,990 and is available through the Ducati dealer network.

The Crankbrothers Synthesis wheels (29-inch front, 27.5-inch rear) with variable thickness carbon rims help to further improve steering precision. The Pirelli Scorpion Enduro S on the front and the Pirelli Scorpion EMTB-S on the rear offer maximum grip and adherence.

The equipment is complete with a telescopic seat post, a Renthal carbon handlebar and a Fizik saddle with a special integrated tool holder.

“Ducati’s pedal assisted bicycle project took shape with the launch of the MIG-RR, the first e-MTB produced in collaboration with Thok E-Bikes,” says Giorgio Favaretto, head of the e-Bicycle Business. “In 2022, the range of e-bikes has been made even more complete and performing. Today, with the new Powerstage RR, Ducati strengthens its presence in the premium-range e-mountain bike segment, aimed at even more demanding bikers.”

The livery was designed by Aldo Drudi in collaboration with the Centro Stile Ducati, and is inspired by the Desmosedici GP23 of the official MotoGP team. The new Powerstage RR Limited Edition can be ordered from the Ducati dealer network at an MSRP of $11,990.

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