HardDrive partners with V-Twin performance brands

HardDrive is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and will focus on expanding its portfolio and providing more products for customers to customize their bikes. HardDrive has announced its partnership with Burly Brand and Hawg Halters Inc. (HHI), premium V-Twin performance brands, that will allow the company to distribute several new products through the its dealer network. The partnership with Burly Brand and HHI is just the first of many for 2023.

“This year marks a milestone for HardDrive, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate it with Burly Brand and HHI,” said Krys Brown, V-Twin product director at HardDrive. “Burly Brand is an industry leader in catering its edgy and trend-setting portfolio to younger riders and has created a strong following for decades. While HHI is known for their high-performance braking and control components in polished, chrome and anodized in the V-Twin custom parts marketplace.”

Featured new products from Burly Brand include Cable Kits, an APE Hanger Handlebar, Slammer Shocks and Sissy Bars. HHI products include four and six Pistol Dual Caliber Kits, Clutch Perch and Cable Assemblies and Dominator Triple Tree Set. “Our dealers will receive these new products via 1-to 2-day shipping,” said Brown.

The open-ended partnership with Burly Brands and HHI demonstrates HardDrive’s desire to continue to grow the brand in this milestone anniversary year.

Marty Norris is the director of V-Twin field sales at Western Power Sports.

“With the diverse product offering that these two brands bring to the HardDrive catalog, we look forward to offering our dealers an even wider selection of products. HardDrive is not slowing down. It’s just getting started,” said Marty Norris, director of V-Twin field sales at Western Power Sports.

Click here to view the new product lineup in the 2023 HardDrive catalog. You can place orders on WPSonline.com or through your sales representative.