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Women With Spark- PSB honors women igniting progress

Powersports Business, along with our program sponsors Torque Group and ABRG / WPS, are proud to share the Women with Spark award and highlight the work of 31 women who spark improvements in the industry. We were happy to meet a few of them at the Powersports Business Accelerate Conference and congratulate them in person after sharing their achievements. Coworkers and industry peers nominated the honorees for their dedication, dependability, leadership skills and passion for the powersports industry. It is a privilege to honor these women who excel in their careers and improve our industry along the way.

Click on any name below to read the details of their accomplishments and recognition. And be ready to help us recognize the next group of honorees when we ask in a few months.

Women With Spark honorees were recognized at the Powersports Business Accelerate Conference in November.

Michelle Armstrong

Dealer Principal

Pioneer Motorsport Inc.

As dealer principal, Michelle Armstrong is involved in every department to keep efficiency, productivity and profitability heading in the right direction. Sales have grown roughly 36% and gross profit has risen 38% from pre-pandemic numbers. Michelle does much more than just keep the “train on the tracks.” From employee satisfaction to customer satisfaction, she has pushed the dealership to new levels.

While Michelle does not turn a wrench, she has set up the successful leadership in the service department, which has been together for 20 plus years. Michelle does an outstanding job of managing over 25 employees while keeping them accountable and proud to call the dealership their employer.

With her constant demand to learn, it sets the table for what is expected from employees and fellow team members. Michelle shows several strong leadership characteristics, but simply put, she makes hard work a hobby.

Felica Becker

Sales Associate

Rec-Tech Power Products     

“She has a gift for turning challenging customers into loyal promoters,” said one nominator of Felica Becker. Felica oversaw new unit sales increase by 11% year over year and her charisma has initiated an increase in the dealerships Google rating as well.


She is professional and conscientious when working with customers. Felicia depicts impressive communication skills; she was an English teacher before the sales life came her away.

“Felica brings her A game every day. Customers rarely make it through the door before they are greeted with her enthusiastic trademark greeting of ‘Hey there,’” said one nominator.

Amy Bishop

Dealer Principal

Russ’ Ocean State Harley-Davidson

Even through challenges caused by COVID-19 retail restrictions in the state, Amy led the dealership team to a profitable year. The profits allowed the remodeling of one location and the installation of DC fast charging systems for electric vehicles in both locations.          

She is passionate about doing the right thing for customer service and employee nurturing. Training has resulted in an average tenure of the dealership staff of more than 15 years in an industry known for its employee turn-over. Employees trust that Amy has their back, and this leads to tremendous customer satisfaction results.

One of Amy’s favorite leadership expressions is to “play to their strength” when it comes to assigning, training and growing staff.       

Barb Borowiec


Barb’s Harley-Davidson

“Barb started as a customer of the dealership, then begged for a job. And in 1986, she and two other employees bought it. By 1993, Barb was the sole owner. That shows remarkable persistence, work ethic and engagement – not to mention an unquestioned passion for the sport,” said one nominator.

Barb insists on engagement in the community and her staff is all-in. As a strong supporter of U.S. military members and veterans, she hosts and sponsors many events and is an honorary commander at Joint Base McQuire Dix Lakehurst. She connects with Pennsylvania sports stars, bringing awareness to the dealership and expanding the shop’s reach beyond the riding public.

Sarah McVean Brown

Chief Marketing Officer

Freedom Powersports

In 2021, Sarah reinvigorated the customer experience department. Data from there now serves all 13 dealerships on sales, parts and service phone calls. General managers use this information to train their teams and help improve their lead management systems.          

“Sarah is always looking to grow through communication training, learning new advertising tools or learning departments outside of her own,” one nominator said. “A big contribution to the growth of the marketing department is her constant focus on local leads, having dialed in advertising budgets and adjusting them constantly as the inventory flows.”

Sarah has been part of the leadership team since the business’s inception. She has learned a great deal about how to be an effective leader. She takes criticism gracefully, is hard working, leads by example and has been dedicated to powersports and the dealership for almost 15 years.

Rebecca Fasten

General Manager

Powersports East

“Rebecca’s talents shine in her role as service department manager. She sees happy customers when they buy their new bike, ATV, UTV, or scooter, and sees them again when they are not their happiest. There is no doubt that the hardest job in the dealership is that of the service manager,” said one nominator.

Rebecca engages each customer with professionalism and charm and manages her team of eight technicians and three service advisors with equal grace. As sales manager, she grew new unit income by 10%. As service manager, she increased service income by 38%. Rebecca has accomplished this with the same number of staff and the same labor rate for service work.

Rebecca holds weekly meetings to encourage employee input. She also encourages buy in to all programs that she initiates. Her dedication to the well-being of her employees and customers is evident to all.

Jennifer Freitag

Office Manager

Davis Motorsports of Delano

Jennifer is responsible for tracking sales paperwork from the initial sale to finalizing the sale once OEM programs have been fulfilled. She ensures that consumers are properly billed and receive the proper promotions. It’s a grueling process with pre-order machines in high demand, and prices and programs continuously changing.

She also manages her daily duties of tracking incoming units, inventory adjustments, daily sales deals, daily service and parts sales, warranty finalization, accounts payable, weekly and monthly payroll, answering and dispatching incoming phone calls, enacting HR responsibilities and so much more.         

“She is relentless, reliable and has a great attitude that spills over to all departments. She leads by taking action. She does not shy away from new tasks or difficult situations, often completing the most challenging issues herself,” said one nominator.

Shaylee Glende


Glende Polaris           

Shaylee single handedly takes care of all revenue collections, billing and DMV registrations, as well as the closing of 40% of all sales. In 2021, dealership sales revenue doubled from 2020 and she increased extended warranty sales by 50%.

“Shaylee is a huge patriot and is the most honest person you will find. Her happy nature and constant smiling face make her a successful closer. I never have to worry about our finances and cash handling. She is always looking out for the bottom line,” said one nominator.

With the successful year, she consistently developed improvements to ease the increase in taxes for the dealership. Her passion for the off-road sport is displayed in her enthusiasm while communicating with customers. Her passion for the constant growth of the dealership is evident.

Vicki Gray

General Manager/Sales Manager

South Sound Honda, Suzuki, Polaris

Under Vicki’s leadership, the dealership had year-over-year growth of more than 10% in Honda and Polaris sales in 2020 and 2021. She oversaw store sales growth of 18% in 2021 and the dealership’s profitability has increased by 110%.

“Vicki is on the numbers. She runs a tight ship; she sets goals and helps her staff rise to her expectations. She is very good with both customers and employees,” said one nominator.

She has been with the operation as a co-owner since 1996 when the dealership sold $1.2 million in volume. With Vicki’s leadership it expanded to two locations, became a multi-line dealership and sold over $14 million volume in 2007.

“Vicki is a hands-on manager who is very invested and involved in the business. Anyone who knows Vicki will tell you what a great business leader she is,” said one nominator.

Ruby Guerrero

Sales/Marketing Manager

Bikers Edge Powersports      

Ruby oversaw a net unit sales increase of 200% from the moment she joined the powersports world from October through December of 2021.

“Ruby brings passion to whatever she does. She learned to ride a four-stroke pit bike in three days and loves riding ATVs & side-by-sides. She is passionate about building relationships with her customers and providing them with top tier service in the powersports world,” said one nominator.

“Ruby is a go getter. She doesn’t wait for things to come to her, instead she goes out and gets them,” said one nominator. “Ruby began selling powersports seven months ago, selling over 50 plus units in the past four months. She is the true definition of a woman with spark!”

Shawnda Hammons

Vice President and Controller

Logan Motorcycle Sales, Inc. and Hatfield McCoy Powersports    

Shawnda excels in her financial skills, ensuring that profits are maximized. She’s the individual who keeps the dealership on track. 

She helped implement a new service system through Lightspeed, increasing technician hours considerably. The system has increased service profit and prevented significant time wasted. Shawnda is fluent with the system, which has allowed her to excel within the business.

She uses positive motivation, encouraging employees to communicate concerns, and expects 100% from the team. She ensures that her team has the tools and resources to fulfill the requirements of their job and she is always willing to lend a helping hand.

“Shawnda has ignited a fire in our company that doesn’t burn out,” said one nominator. “She has worked with the dealership for more than 20 years, rising through the ranks into her current position as vice president and controller.”

She has built a positive reputation and has helped the dealership grow into what it is today.

Jenna Hoban

Office Manager & Sales Associate

U Motors, Inc.

With the purchase of the dealership’s third location, Jenna has been instrumental in the business’s success. During the first full year in business, the bottom line wouldn’t have been possible without her.      

“Jenna is incredibly organized, patient and willing to wear many hats within the dealership,” said one nominator.

She juggles all the paperwork, serves customers and takes initiative to complete any task needed. Jenna is eager to learn every aspect of the dealership and is always up for a challenge. She speaks up when change is needed, is proactive and has the company’s best interest in mind.

“Jenna has experienced a lot of challenges and is one of the hardest workers. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have her,” said one nominator.

Stephanie Hunsaker


A D Triple S Motorsports      

Stephanie has led her store to remarkable growth. She oversaw retail growth of 15% last year, and drove the expansion of the showroom from 15,000-square-feet to 35,000-square-feet and more than doubled the service area.

She brings an interesting marketing dynamic to her stores, sure to include the fun factor of powersports and a female point of view in all her social marketing. She has managed every department in the store and has worked in all facets of the business for more than 20 years.

She clearly articulates her vision for the store to her employees and their customers. She empowers them to make decisions for their individual departments, regarding how they can best grow and invest in their various areas of responsibility.

She enjoys riding single track with her husband, son and family. Stephanie has an undeniable passion for the powersports industry, driving a large powersports business to new heights and success, while still enjoying all the fun of riding the product she sells.

Vanessa Klock


Klock Werks   

Vanessa leads by assuring that each team member has clear expectations and the tools needed to solve any challenges. She is prepared for most situations and learns from new experiences. Vanessa is also a rider, and she participates in the Biker Belles, Why We Ride and other charitable trips.

“She is a consummate calculated risk taker. She knows the numbers and lives by them, and she pushes relationships and opportunities,” said one nominator.

She handles international business relationships with ease due to her communication skills and exactness. She develops relationships with vendors, distributors, customers and fellow employees, and each benefit from the risks she takes to further their relationship. She is an example of a leader with unwavering work ethic, while also a mother, wife and fierce friend.

“Her loyalty to the people she works with permeates all hurdles,” said one nominator.

Chelsea Lahmers


Moto Richmond        

Chelsea oversaw an 18% increase in major unit sales from 2020 to 2021, a 26% increase in Triumph Motorcycles sales, a 4.2% increase in unit profitability, a 20% growth in service and a 25% growth in PAC. She also hit all manufacturer goals by the end of the third quarter.

“Chelsea is the hardest working owner who still works the sales floor and has hit record numbers for the dealership in its 20-year history. It’s her and one other sales employee and they outperform most dealerships in the region,” said one nominator.

During the pandemic, Chelsea took a chance and ordered more vehicles than ever with confidence that they could sell, service and maintain them. “Because of her smarts, we are the only shop in Virginia with a full showroom of bikes as well as more to sell,” said one nominator.

She has set the standard for customer service and dealership capabilities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Jen Landry

General Manager

Moncton, Fredericton, Woodstock (NB), Extreme Torque Motorsports   

Jen has increased overall sales for the three dealerships by 13%, 16% and 19%, and she has increased new major unit sales by 4%, 22% and 10%. She oversaw overall profit increases after expenses by 41%, 45% and 58%.

“She depicts superior leadership qualities,” said one nominator. She is accountable, adaptable, and confident and when obstacles occur that impact progress, she strives to exhibit poise and conviction.

Jen is a master at navigating risk by assessing situations and comparing pros and cons. She is decisive and makes judgements so the team can readily accept and act upon decisions. She performs routine management and communicates her expectations. She inspires team members to contribute their best work and motivates colleagues to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

Amber Larson

Parts Manager

Rec-Tech Power Products     

Amber oversaw a 40% increase in parts revenue her first year at the dealership, followed by a 20% increase her second year. She has a solid work ethic. She is a great self-starter, and she is always moving forward.

“Amber gets the job done. She is always busy yet still very caring and considerate of others’ feelings. She strives to do the right thing and leads by example,” said one nominator.

Tina Mason


Doc’s Harley-Davidson         

“Tina has delivered unbelievable results in 2021 as the leader in vehicle sales,” said one nominator. She oversaw unit sales increase 9%, and her perseverance brought an increase of gross profit of 21% from the previous year.

She understands the rider, the bikes and has fun with customers. “Her follow up and calls within our CRM are fantastic. She has a great personality and customers respond with 10’s on our Harley surveys consistently,” said one nominator.

Her strong leadership is depicted in her recommendations and helpful suggestions. She is creative and values the success of both her coworkers and the dealership. Tina has been in the Harley-Davidson business for over 10 years, starting as a motorclothes associate and attaining many different positions since.

“Tina brings a wealth of experience and is always trying to improve. She has that spark that most women in this business would like to have,” said one nominator.

Laura Mcalister

Finance and Sales Manager

Brinson Powersports of Corsicana   

Laura increased the dealership’s F&I value by 70% from 2020 to 2021. She enacts amazing and personable customer service and treats everyone like family. She holds the daily sales meetings and keeps four salespeople motivated and organized.    

Laura comes from an auto background and has excelled in the powersports industry. She enjoys the family owned and ran atmosphere of the dealership. With Laura’s efforts, F&I stats continue to increase, and the dealership is now one of the top PUS dealers in its 20 group.

Susie McCreary


St. Joe Harley-Davidson

With Susie at the helm, the dealership has grown in all departments including the service department. Major unit, parts and general merchandise sales after coming out of pandemic restrictions have also increased.

Susie has owned the dealership for 53 years and was one of the first women to own a Harley-Davidson dealership – which she started in 1969.

“Susie is battling Parkinson’s and still comes in daily, full of spunk and excitement. She makes a point to go around to every department and talk with all the employees,” said one nominator.

Susie is an exceptional leader, illustrating the extensive knowledge that she has gained. Susie has mastered placing key people in key positions so that the dealership can satisfy all customer and business needs. 

Joy McKinnon

General Manager

Mettler Implement   

Joy’s leadership and talent have accelerated the growth of the dealer group she manages. She has consistently grown sales and market share in two locations. She has also been awarded the Polaris Top Gun sales award for 2020 and 2021.

“Joy has a passion for powersports and providing the best customer experience for every person she comes in contact with,” said one nominator.

She implements processes in the dealership to ensure that responses to online leads are fast and personalized. She prioritizes being available for all customer needs.  

“Joy’s strong leadership shines in the dealership,” said one nominator. “Everyone is greeted with a smile and treated with respect. Both customers and employees value her knowledge and expertise and can always count on her to provide guidance and integrity. Joy is an outstanding dealer principal who truly cares about her customers and staff.”

Leisha Olsen

Marketing & Purchasing

Bob’s Cycle Supply    

Leisha has made intelligent new product selections, including the purchase of apparel, helmets and other merchandise that contribute to the dealership’s double digit company growth.

“She is personable, involved and an active powersports enthusiast. Leisha ‘owns’ any and every task and responsibility of her position,” said one nominator.

Leisha has developed special events related to the Millville, Outdoor National MX event. She has also created and organized Bob’s Ride Day at the local track. She continuously educates and informs her associates and staff. She is currently active and competitively road racing in her local region and she regularly trail rides or moto rides for fun.

“She talks the talk, and walks the walk,” said one nominator.

Sarah Powers

Business Manager

South Sound Honda, Suzuki, Polaris

Sarah has focused on growth of the finance department, increasing product sales in 2021 by 10%. She has prioritized bringing in new products that add to the bottom line.    

“Sarah is always positive and upbeat every day. She is a huge part of the sales team, playing an important role in the early process of sales,” said one nominator.

She is organized and stays up to date on bank programs and F&I products available for customers. She is aware of the benefits of collaborating with other departments and the support they offer for a full dealership experience for customers. Sarah also oversees social media interactions.

Sarah takes the initiative to interact with customers as soon as she can. She values interviewing the customer early in the buying process, striving to make a connection with each customer. “People are comfortable with her and are typically more receptive to her recommendations,” said one nominator.

Desiree Sanders Woods

Office Manager / Marketing Director

Powersports St Augustine    

Desiree diligently manages timely content for the dealership’s social media. She also maintains the posting of live pictures of bikes for sale on the website.

Desiree is in control of all sales eblasts and works with sales staff to follow up with customers while also overseeing that the dealership is running smooth. She has taken an important role in the business’s growth of around 25%.

Desiree monitors each text message sent and can jump in and comment via text when needed. She is accountable, trustworthy, a go getter and a self-starter. “Whenever I have a problem, she is the first one to jump in and help me,” said one nominator. 

When Desiree started at the dealership, she had no powersports experience. Now, she has risen as one of the top employees in the company, known for her reliability. She now enjoys riding on the weekend with her husband. “She certainly deserves recognition and is a woman with a spark,” said one nominator.

Noelle Schmidt

Dealer Principal

Ledgewood Power Sports Inc.          

During Covid-19, when some dealers chose to close, Noelle lead the company by remaining open and continuing to serve the community and commercial accounts. She took every health precaution ramping up curbside unit sales, initiating touch free parts pickup and providing personal health safety devices for staff and customers. Noelle made buying a new powersports vehicle even easier. And the dealership’s net income grew an astounding 246% from 2020 to 2021.        

“She is an extremely hard worker, diligent in everything she does and she rewards exceptional staff. It’s amazing to hear, ‘You did a fantastic job, thank you’ from a boss these days, and this is what Noelle does,” said one nominator.

She’s a motivator, an achiever and a truly equal opportunity employer. “I have learned so much from her personally as well as in business,” said one nominator.

“She tells us that we are her best asset,” said one nominator. “We are all a family here, and I’m so proud to be a part of Noelle’s team. She deserves to be recognized.”

Jaynie Sieber

Marketing Director

Pensacola Harley-Davidson 

In 2021 Jaynie’s yearly marketing plan led to a 12% increase in transactions compared to 2020, despite shortened hours and days of operations. The increase in transactions led to an 18% increase in new bike sales in 2021 and a 21% increase in store wide dealership sales.

Jaynie’s dynamic personality allows her to brighten any room. Her laugh and huge smile allow her to make customers and team members alike feel right at home.  

She helps turn negatives into positives every day. Jaynie takes change in stride, and she’s found her spot on the team as the marketing director. She embraces dealership culture and thrives in her role as the dealership, now one of the top producing Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country. This attests to her overall character and leadership skills.

Traci Stapleton

General Manager

Grand Junction Harley-Davidson     

Traci has added a new line to the dealership, expanded and updated the KTM and BMW areas and enhanced the marketing programs for all brands. She has diversified her skills and maintained a tenacity and professionalism that has taken her to the top spot.

“Her comprehensive knowledge of the business in all brands and departments equates to a synergistic approach to running a tight ship,” said one nominator. Her knowledge and experience allow her to create business practices that bring out the best in every facet of the business.

“She knows her stuff, she is approachable, she is open to creative ideas and she is decisive. As general manager, Traci is a unicorn in the world of Powersports,” said one nominee.

Respected by men and women alike, Traci runs a tight ship but is also supportive of her team. She is a strong force in her business. She’s a fantastic role model with her professionalism and business acumen,” said another nominator.

Amy Tyler

Lead Fit Specialist

Jet City Harley-Davidson

Amy was new to the dealership in 2020 and quickly became a top performer in 2021, with a total of 155 units sold. Of the units sold, 122 were new Harley-Davidson sales.

“Amy brings high levels of leadership with new hires and displays consistent hands-on training to fast track them to success,” said one nominator.

When a new hire joins the team, Amy is one of the go-to FITs to train them. She finished in the Top 20 for all motorcycle company stores in the nation for FIT Specialists. Out of 18 stores and over 400 specialists, she was one of two women who made it on top 20 when the ranks came out. “She killed it,” said one nominator.

Ashley Warren

Chief Financial Officer \ Business Manager

Sunrise Cycles

Ashley holds a wealth of knowledge within the dealership and is the epitome of a strong leader. She knows the dealership is only as successful as its staff and she has done everything in her power to assemble a proficient team.

“Ashley is dedicated to growing the dealership. She has improved various aspects at the company such as inventory, customer service and employee rapport. Even throughout the pandemic she kept an optimistic attitude,” said another nominator.

She is responsible for implementing and training on the CDK Light Speed service scheduler as well as establishing the text message feature. She trained the service and parts departments to use these features. This has increased communication with customers. There has since been a 7-point increase in service CSI levels and a $126,000 gross service revenue increase year over years.

Her positivity is contagious and she has been pivotal in employee relations. She makes sure to keep the fun in the dealership while getting the job done.

Mandy Witt


Power Pac                  

Mandy and her husband own a multi-location dealership, adding a third location in 2021. Her robust marketing plan yielded an 8% increase in sales in 2021, coming off a high comparable from the previous year.    

“Mandy is a driven business professional. What stands out is her effective leadership strategy, organization and business acumen,” said one nominator.

Mandy has exceptional leadership skills, anchored by her ability to strategize and execute a plan. She leverages the feedback from stakeholders, leads by example and delegates where needed. Mandy balances both work and her personal life. Even though she manages a dealer group with many employees, she is also a mother of two children under the age of eight.

“She’s a busy lady but manages it all with a very positive attitude and outlook on life,” said one nominator.

Kim Wyman


Harv’s Harley-Davidson

Kim continuously improves the dealership. She has added numerous features, including Milly’s Handlebar Café, which she opened on the dealership property several years ago. She also hosts a variety of events for the community.

Kim began managing the dealership in 1980 at the age of 20 and purchased the dealership in 1989. Under her leadership, the dealership is celebrating its 60 anniversary this year.

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