Nifty 50 nomination deadline less than a month away

The deadline for nominations for the 2022 Powersports Business Summer/Fall Nifty 50 is only weeks away, on June 1.

That’s right, product managers, the Nifty 50 program is back for round two of 2022. Beginning in 2022, the Nifty 50 is wrapping up the second half of the year with a Summer/Fall edition of the Nifty 50. As always, aftermarket and factory parts and accessories are eligible, along with new products from service providers and technology companies. Gather your team today to determine which innovative product is going to be submitted by your company.

Apply for the Powersports Business Summer/Fall 2022 Nifty 50 by submitting the form below. The application deadline is Wednesday, June 1, 2022. The winners will be showcased in the August edition of the magazine.

You can view a webinar that features from semifinalists in the 2022 Winter/Spring Nifty 50 by clicking the link below.

And the 2022 Winter/Spring winners can be found here.

We will feature the list of winners at the 2022 Powersports Business Accelerate Conference.