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Suzuki announces new 2022 Grand Touring model

With a “soul of a champion ready to go the distance,” Suzuki has announced its newest high performance model.

According to the official announcement, Suzuki Motor USA, LLC (Suzuki) is thrilled to unveil a high-performance yet comfortable motorcycle with optional attractive integrated side cases (or standard as part of the GSX-S1000GT+ model) and a sophisticated, avant-garde look that creates its own category – Grand Touring – ready to take the rider any distance with speed and comfort. Both the Suzuki GSX-S1000GT and GSX-S1000GT+ will be available in Suzuki dealers in early 2022.

The GSX-S1000GT’s total performance is transformative, breaking new ground for a sport touring motorcycle, and the new SUZUKI mySPIN connectivity application integrates with a large, full-color TFT instrument panel to provide easy access to a wide range of smartphone information and entertainment options augmenting any ride.

Using legendary and proven GSX-R engine architecture, the 999cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled DOHC in-line four superbike engine delivers smooth, consistent power throughout a wide and linear powerband.

The GSX-S1000GT’s engine offers multiple updated components to best deliver performance where a Grand Touring rider demands it. Enhancements to the engine include revised intake and exhaust camshafts, cam chain tensioners and valve springs, as well as a redesigned clutch and gearshift components.

All updated to take the best aspects of GSX-R championship-winning engineering and apply it to the real-world demands of riders seeking spectacular performance and tractability for high-mileage tours on challenging, exciting roads. All delivering an even broader, smoother torque curve with fewer peaks and valleys. These components also help enhance performance versus the prior model while delivering full Euro 5 emissions compliance.

Refined engine performance is managed by expanded Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS) technology, including electronic cruise control, five modes of adjustable traction control and bi-directional clutchless quick-shifting, helping augment sport rides on Sunday mornings as well as cross-continent tours. SIRS is rounded out with an updated Low RPM Assist system and Suzuki’s Easy Start System, providing improved starting control and a simpler starting procedure.

The strong twin-spar aluminum frame and braced swingarm help deliver agile handling and great road-holding ability. Visually attractive, the new trellis-style sub-frame design creates secure attachment points for the high capacity 36L side cases, while allowing for a more comfortable passenger seat.

The GSX-S1000GT’s suspension control will also easily adapt to the needs of two-up riding, thanks to its fully adjustable, inverted KYB fork and easy-to-adjust rear shock. The dual, ABS-equipped, radial-mounted, four-piston, Brembo-front brake calipers and 310mm floating rotors help provide the confident, controlled stopping performance needed when travelling with a passenger and gear on an extended ride.

Comfort is vital for miles of effortless grand touring performance, and the GSX-S1000GT is ready to conquer high performance rides of any distance. The new cast-aluminum handlebar is wider than the prior bike’s handlebar, and is shaped and positioned for a comfortable reach, delivering the proper leverage to guide the GSX-S1000GT on any road. The handlebar’s special rubber mount damps vibration while the footrests have durable rubber inserts to damp vibration to the rider’s and passenger’s boots. The GT emphasizes long ride comfort as well as exhilaration.

The rider and passenger seats have a new sporty design maximizing comfort on long rides, and both seats sport a new cover material that balances grip with freedom of movement. The rider’s seat-shape further enhances freedom of movement, while the pillion seat design maximizes passenger comfort and integrates well with the new grab-bar design.

Despite their spacious storage capacity, the GT’s large-capacity side cases (Optional on the GSX-S1000GT, and standard on the GSX-S1000GT+) feature a compact design that integrates seamlessly with the motorcycle’s sharp, futuristic styling. With 36L of storage capacity, each side case may hold most full-face helmets. To further integrate them to the motorcycle, an optional color-matched side case painted panel set provides a perfect match to the GSX-S1000GT body colors. Optional locksets are available that may be set so the motorcycle’s ignition key opens the side case lid or disengages the quick-release mechanism. Side cases and mounts, color-matched painted panel sets, and side case lock sets are standard on the GSX-S1000GT+.


The GSX-S1000GT puts a new face on sport touring performance and comfort. The striking and original face of the GT begins with a raked nose, while a pair of horizontally arranged LED headlights, V-shaped position light, new mirror design, and side-mounted LED turn signals fashion a unique Grand Touring appearance that is distinctively Suzuki. The GT’s daring styling continues into the standard side cases and optional touring windshield for a fully integrated appearance.

The GSX-S1000GT’s instrument panel uses a new-generation 6.5-inch, full-color TFT LCD screen. Developed specifically for use on motorcycles, this large TFT display is the first of its kind on a Suzuki motorcycle. This high-quality instrument panel is set into the inner fairing above the handlebars, for great visibility and protection from debris. The brightness-adjustable TFT panel features a scratch-resistant surface and an anti-reflective coating that help improves visibility in bright light.

The TFT display uses GSX-S1000GT-exclusive graphics, including blue background lines that add an extra visual touch to help convey Suzuki’s spirit and brand identity. An additional feature of the TFT screen is a brief custom animation that plays when the ignition key is switched on. This playful presentation is pleasing to the eye and builds excitement for the ride to come.

The TFT readouts include: Speedometer (digital), RPM indicator (shift light), Tachometer (analog format), Transmission gear position, Fuel gauge, Coolant temperature, Ambient air temperature, Cruise control setting, SDMS mode, Traction control mode, Quick Shift (ON/OFF), Voltmeter, Clock (12-hour format),  Odometer, Dual trip meter, Average fuel consumption (Trip 1 & 2), Instant fuel consumption, Riding range (per fuel onboard), Smartphone battery level, Smartphone connection status, and Rider-passenger intercommunication status (Bluetooth).

The TFT display was developed to provide smartphone connectivity through the SUZUKI mySPIN application. While competitive models use systems originally developed for automobiles, the GSX-S1000GT adopts hardware and software designed specifically for the demands of motorcycle use. As such, SUZUKI mySPIN works seamlessly on the TFT screen to enrich the functionality of smartphone connectivity. The GSX-S1000GT’s smart cockpit blends riding and vehicle status updates, such as the speedometer and tachometer readouts, with pertinent information, communication, and entertainment from the rider’s smartphone.

Located to the left of the instrument panel is a USB outlet the rider may use to connect an iOS or AndroidTM smartphone to the TFT panel. The data connection can also be established via Wireless LAN and Bluetooth. The USB outlet can also charge the smartphone’s battery.

Available through the Apple App Store or Google Play, riders can install the free SUZUKI mySPIN app on their smartphone. Once installed, mySPIN provides an array of useful functions from five bundled applications specifically developed for motorcycle use.

The mySPIN system applications include Contacts, Phone, Maps, Music, and Calendar

Contacts – the system can access the contacts application on the smartphone and inform the rider who is calling. Calls can also be placed by selecting a contact from the list.

Phone – conveniently, the system can place phone calls, either dialed directly or from the contacts application, and can display the rider’s call history, all without stopping the bike.

Maps – the rider can view his or her current location on the map without having to download any third-party map application or data. The Suzuki Map can search for destinations and get routing information, all while allowing the rider to easily navigate from screen to screen by using the switches on the left handlebar.

Music & Content – the rider can use a Bluetooth headset to listen to music, podcasts, or other content from his or her smartphone’s library; the passenger can listen, as well, if they are wearing a Bluetooth headset wirelessly connected to the system.

Calendar – the rider can display calendar entries from his or her smartphone on the TFT screen, checking scheduled events and reminders.

The GT’s body colors include majestic Metallic Reflective Blue, and the sleek Glass Sparkle Black, each set off with distinctive GT logos, indelibly stamping the 2022 GSX-S1000GT and GT+ as motorcycling’s newest and most sophisticated, high-performance Grand Touring leaders.

The Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

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