Zero Motorcycles announces FXE street bike, U.S. demo tour

Zero Motorcycles has announced several new model year 2022 motorcycles.

Headlined by the all-new FXE, design and technology are at the forefront of the new models. Constantly pushing the boundaries in the motorcycle space, Zero chose to look outside the traditional powersports aesthetic and collaborated with the award-winning San Francisco-based design firm HUGE Design on what was initially a concept vehicle.

Taking cues from consumer electronics industrial design, the FXE emphasizes ergonomic touch points and rider UI/UX as much as the overall distinctive body styling of the FXE. The result is a model as breathtaking in aesthetics as it is exhilarating with its cutting-edge performance.

“Being the brand that defined the category means that Zero has an obligation to continue driving innovation in electric powersports forward,” said Sam Paschel, Zero Motorcycles CEO in the announcement. “Our position of leadership also comes with the responsibility to elevate the form and function of the modern motorcycle and ignite riders’ passions in a whole new way. The FXE delivers on the design, technology and ride experience characteristics one expects from the motorcycle of the future.”

More than simply a gallery-worthy profile, the FXE also packs considerable technology. Powered by the Z-Force 75-5 passively air-cooled, high efficiency, Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM), brushless motor, the FXE produces 46 HP and 78 ft-lb of torque. Powering the vehicle is a 7.2 kWh Li-Ion integrated battery power pack that is capable of 100 miles of city riding. The FXE also boasts custom LED head and taillights as well as a 5.0-inch full color, optically bonded TFT display.

The FXE is controlled by the proprietary Cypher II Operating System which is ultimately responsible for the transformational riding experience of the motorcycle. The Cypher II OS also enables Bluetooth connectivity that provides rider controls via the Zero Motorcycles App. The smartphone application allows for customization of torque, top speed and other performance characteristics via the on-board ride modes, battery management characteristics, Long Term Storage Mode, and much more.

Zero Motorcycles is releasing the FXE in conjunction with a 20-stop nationwide demo tour in partnership with the Progressive International Motorcycle Show Outdoors (IMSO). Beginning on July 16 at Sonoma Raceway in California, the company will be delivering a fleet of motorcycles, including the FXE and the company’s flagship SR/S and SR/F models, to cities across the United States. Additionally, the FXE will be available as a premier part of the IMSO Discover the Ride experience, which gives prospective riders of all ages the opportunity to ride for the first time in a safe and controlled environment.

The 2022 FXE is joined in this launch with the return of the wildly popular FX, which is the company’s lightest and most agile dual sport model. The class-leading FX, which already delivers unequalled power-to-weight in the enduro category, also sports an update to the 5-inch TFT display used on the new FXE for model year 2022.

The FXE retails at $11,795 and the FX retails for $11,595 and each motorcycle will begin shipping to dealers in the month of July with preorders beginning now.

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