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Ski-Doo reveals sibling brand Lynx coming to U.S. market with three 2022 models

Ski-Doo on Wednesday revealed that European sibling brand Lynx is coming to the North American market with three 2022 models: the Lynx Rave RE and two variations of the Lynx Boondocker DS.

Our friends over at Vetesnik Power Sports in Richland Center, Wisconsin, have a closer look at launch day, with BRP CEO Jose Boisjoli brimming with excitement at the news.

Here’s the skinny on the 2022 Lynx Rave RE.

Rave RE: Completely new cross-country riding experience

The success of Lynx in European snowmobile races over five decades is unparalleled. The Rave model has been the top-of-the-line cross-country snowmobile in the Lynx line-up since 1990 and is based directly on that racing experience. Lessons learned are applied quickly to the benefit of our tribe, so they can conquer unforgiving terrain like our racers have conquered the competition.

Another secret of the Lynx cross-country success is our Nordic heritage and singular focus on building for those demanding conditions where groomers don’t exist. The Rave, like all Lynx snowmobiles, has been shaped by how and where it’s used, with little regard for fluff and niceties. The commitment is to performance first and foremost and that’s also reflected in the authentic look and design.

The 2022 Lynx Rave RE

The rider-focused Radien platform provides a very natural feel with flat, wide running boards, rounded side panels and a seat shape and firmness that encourages an active riding style. Outstanding suspension and high-quality KYB shock performance make the Rave RE model unbeatable on the trails. The new PPS3 rear suspension with long travel applies a dirt bike logic of riding the rear wheel through bumps, this — combined with the new LFS+ front suspension and new Blade XC+ skis — are examples of features that set the Rave RE apart from its competitors.

The Rave RE 850 E-TEC is a high-performance cross-country snowmobile with the most powerful two-stroke engine in its class. The raw power does not leave even the most demanding user looking for more.

For the 2022 model year, the riding experience offered by the Lynx Rave RE is elevated again thanks to the new PPS3 rear suspension, LFS+ front suspension and Blade XC+ ski. The comfort zone and performance of the Rave RE are set to totally new levels.

2022 RAVE RE

Why Lynx Rave RE?

• Cross-country snowmobile for demanding Nordic conditions. Where first-class riding characteristics and fierce performance meet.


• Long travel and progressive PPS3 3500 independent rear suspension with high-quality KYB 46 Kashima shock absorbers tame even the harshest conditions. Always predictable and sharp steering with LFS+ front suspension and Blade XC+ ski.

• The Radien platform brings optimal weight distribution and perfect maneuverability for active riding.

Radien Platform: The basis for the consistent riding characteristics of Lynx Rave RE lies in the rigid Radien frame and its optimal weight distribution. Ergonomic features like the rider’s foot positioning, narrow seat and compact, rounded side panels are designed for active riding. Thanks to Radien riding dynamics and relaxed riding position, the rider is always ready to move when needed. That means less rider fatigue and allows riders to enjoy long riding days one after another. 

PPS3 Rear Suspension: Another significant factor that sets the Lynx Rave RE models apart from its competitors is the suspension. The PPS3 3500 rear suspension is based on fully independent center and rear arms that give a smooth ride without bottoming on rough moguled trails. Thanks to its unique design, the suspension is truly progressive:  At lower speeds it runs smoothly over the chatter bumps and when the going gets rough, it can handle the big bumps with ease.

Compared to its predecessor, the third generation of PPS rear suspension is lighter by 3.2 kg (7 lbs), runs quieter while producing less vibration and has more controlled weight transfer. That means unbeatable grip when accelerating and allows the rider to wheelie over the biggest moguls. With renewed geometry and calibration, the new PPS3 is also more comfortable than the previous version in smoother terrain and chatter bumps — without any reduction of its performance in aggressive riding.

LFS+ Front Suspension: The new LFS+ front suspension is a double a-arm, long travel design with a stable 42.2-inch ski stance. Combined with the rack steering system and new Blade XC+ skis it offers a wide comfort zone and predictable handling in varied terrain and snow conditions with great stability and exact cornering.

KYB Kashima coated 46 HLCR shocks (HLCR= High speed, Low speed, Compression, Rebound damping): The suspension’s sensitivity to move and ability to absorb big differences in trail irregularities are handled by the ultra-high quality KYB Kashima 46 HLCR shock absorbers. The wide adjustability helps to optimize the snowmobile for the rider’s individual needs and for the existing riding conditions while the Kashima coating ensures friction free movement and long life. The shocks have separate high-speed and low-speed compression, as well as rebound damping adjustments.

Blade XC+ Ski: The optimal handling offered by LFS+ front suspension is connected to snow by the Blade XC+ ski. The design is a wide, long ski with three stepped keel shape that brings great directional stability, offering less traction variance in different snow types for widely varying conditions. With Blade XC+ the steering is always predictable and sharp, no matter if the trail is icy, rutted, slushy or covered by the new fresh snow. This new version is 400g lighter than its predecessor which means less unsprung mass to provide more precise handling in tandem with LFS+ front end.

ROTAX 850 E-TEC: RAVE RE’s Rotax 850 E-TEC is best suited for those who expect fierce acceleration and peak performance from a sled. The raw acceleration and instant power of the 165-horsepower 849 cc direct injection engine come into play not only on fast-paced runs, but also on long day trips. In addition, Rotax 850 E-TEC has the best-in-class fuel economy. *

Key features of Lynx Rave RE:

• Radien platform

• PPS3 3500 rear suspension

• LFS+ front suspension with 42.2 in. /1,072 mm adjustable ski stance

• Blade XC+ skis

• KYB Kashima 46 HLCR gas shock absorbers. High-speed and low-speed compression and rebound damping quick clickers.

• 137 x 15 x 1.5 in. /380 x 3,487 x 38 mm Ice Ripper XT studded lug track

• Rotax 850 E–TEC engine with pDrive clutch

• Electric start and manual start standard

• LinQ attachment bases (two pairs) for wide selection of accessories

• 7.2-inch multifunction digital gauge

• Ultra-low windshield with hand guards

• Rack steering system

• Active-riding style foot ergonomic: Flatter-angled foot ramps, lateral foot plates and fixed toe holds

• Performance handgrips

• 12V outlet in glovebox

*Based on internal testing

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