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2022 Lynx BoonDocker DS snowmobile: Closer look

Here’s the skinny on the newest entrant into the snowmobile market, the 2022 Lynx BoonDocker DS from BRP. Our friends over at Vetesnik Power Sports in Richland Center, Wisconsin, have a closer look at launch day, with BRP CEO Jose Boisjoli brimming with excitement at the news.

Ski-Doo on Wednesday revealed that sibling brand Lynx, based in Finland, is coming to U.S. market with three 2022 models: the Lynx Rave RE and two Boondocker DS models. Here’s a closer look at the BoonDocker DS.

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2022 Lynx BoonDocker DS

Easy and precise control, strong power and brute performance for every deep snow day, in every snow condition, in any location. The Lynx BoonDocker DS models are designed for users who require raw performance and agility in the most demanding snow conditions and on varied terrain – from perfect powder days to the not so perfect hard crusty snow days. Their riding characteristics especially shine in aggressive, fast paced, deep snow riding.

The Radien DS era Lynx BoonDocker DS snowmobiles introduced for model year 2018, were radical — real game changers when it comes to the handling of deep snow snowmobiles. Unique technical solutions like the short tunnel and rear axle snow guard together with the distinctive Scandinavian design and ergonomics of the Radien DS platform, make the BoonDocker DS models the most balanced deep snow snowmobiles on the market. Designed specifically for Nordic conditions, a Lynx deep snow sled must work regardless of snow conditions from deep powder to hard packed snow and slush.

The BoonDocker DS collection has been constantly honed over the years towards the perfect deep snow driving experience. One of the major steps is the PPS2 DS+ rear suspension, which further improves the performance and maneuverability of the BoonDocker DS models with its lightweight design. The Blade DS + skis up front make steering predictable in all conditions, even tight deep snow turns, and improves control of the snowmobile when sidehilling on different slopes, carving meadows or riding the trail in.

BoonDocker models are synonymous with extreme power that comes from the Rotax 850 E-TEC engine. The raw power is instant and forceful, letting riders conquer terrain easily, yet it remains fuel efficient for long days on the snow.


Why Lynx BoonDocker DS?

• A highly advanced deep snow sport snowmobile for demanding terrain. Initially built to conquer harsh Nordic conditions.

• The Radien DS platform, together with the PPS2 DS+ rear suspension and LFS front suspension with Blade DS+ ski provide unique agility and predictability in technical riding.


• The Rotax 850 E-TEC delivers thrilling acceleration and sharp throttle response in all situations.

Radien DS platform: Forward thinking with the industry-first short tunnel and a radical rear axle snow guard. The idea behind the tunnel construction is the observation that a short tunnel reduces drag on slopes and deep snow and offers a totally new level of handling and deep snow performance. A minimalistic rear axle snow guard optimizes the cooling by directing the snow spray from the track directly to the tunnel heat exchanger. Compared to a traditional snowflap, the construction eliminates the anchor effect in deep snow riding and is also lightweight.

Powder dynamic design applies to all the details of Radien DS platform too. The overall construction from the frame to side panels, belly pan and bodywork are designed as narrow as possible for an active riding style. That means nimble handling in sidehilling and technical riding. The cockpit with low, narrow seat and functional running boards is also designed to make a rider’s side-to-side maneuverability as easy as possible.

PPS2 DS+ Rear Suspension: One of the secrets of the performance and agility of the BoonDocker DS models is PPS2 DS+ rear suspension. It is the first ever rear suspension that Lynx built for only deep snow snowmobiles. PPS2 DS+’s simple and light structure prevents snow build-up inside the rear suspension. This keeps the suspension and overall snowmobile lighter and even when ridden in slushy snow, the suspension works like it was meant to, because there is no restriction or extra weight. The slide rails form a low track angle of attack, which helps the snowmobile get on top of the snow faster.  Like all the other PPS variations, PPS2 DS+ is a long travel suspension and can handle bumps with ease whether crossing old sled tracks under the snow when you are sidehilling, or riding moguls up to play areas – it provides a smooth, stable ride.

LFS front suspension: A key pillar in the handling of the BoonDocker DS models is also the LFS front suspension that keeps roll up easy while providing a smooth ride. BoonDocker DS models feature KYB 36 Kashima shock absorbers calibrated for spirited riding with low internal friction that improves motion sensitivity and increases ride comfort.

Blade DS + ski: Brings accuracy and predictability to handling. The Blade DS+ ski is a true masterpiece when talking about snowmobile ski on various snow conditions and aggressive deep snow riding. The Blade DS+ has very predictable characteristics – the steering is always precise and consistent and it performs as well in tight turns in powder snow, aggressive sidehilling and smooth cruising in different snow types.

Two Track Lengths: The BoonDocker DS 4100 with high-altitude calibration is best suited for riders, who require the ultimate performance in deep powder and in big mountains. The 400 mm wide, 4178 mm long track with 76 mm lugs (16 x 165 x 3 inch) ensures a large footprint and guarantees the grip even in incredibly challenging locations.

The BoonDocker DS 3900 with sea level calibration, in turn, is a great combination of performance, agility and fun factor in the most demanding technical terrain and varying snow conditions, at lower altitude. It features a 400mm wide, 3912 mm long with 64 mm lug height track (16 x 154 x2.5 inch).

Key features of Lynx BoonDocker DS:

• Radien DS platform with short tunnel

• PPS2 DS+ rear suspension with rear axle snow guard

• Blade DS+ skis

• LFS front suspension with KYB 36 Kashima shock absorbers

• 907 – 950 mm (35.7 – 37.4 inch) adjustable ski stance (921 mm/36.3-inch std)

• 400 x 3,912 x 76 mm (16 x 154 x 2.5 in.) or 400 x 4,178 x 76 mm (16 x 165 x 3 in.) PowderMax Light –tracks with FlexEdge feature

• Rotax 850 E-TEC engine with pDrive clutch

• SHOT starter

• Brake reservoir protector

• LinQ attachment bases (with two pairs) for wide selection of accessories

• Molded low Mountain strap

• Performance handgrips

• 12V outlet in glovebox

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