Arctic Cat announces ‘Black Cats’ brand ambassadors

Dave McClure
Black Cat brand ambassador Dave McClure

With many snowmobile expos cancelled for the beginning of the season, snowmobile manufacturers are turning to different avenues of marketing to reach their audiences.

For this season, Arctic Cat’s pro brand ambassadors are continuing the legacy of one of the original Black Cats, the late Rob Kincaid.

Kincaid’s closest friend and original Black Cat Dave McClure, and Kincaid’s son Riley, will continue to share Kincaid’s passion for the backcountry. The team also welcomes newcomers Kyle Saxton from Montana and Washington’s Maverick Walker.

After a tragedy that no doubt shook the industry, the new Black Cats will carry on the legendary hardcore status of elite backcountry riders while focusing on safety and preparedness as they carve powder, roar up mountainsides and catch big air.