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NPA launches membership program, four new tools and services

National Powersport Auctions (NPA) is now offering dealers all-new tools and services through its recently launched membership program. For $99 a year, dealers will benefit from a more detailed NPA Value Guide plus an Inventory Valuation tool, VIN Decode and Digital Ad Packages. These products will give dealers even more resources to make better decisions with their pre-owned inventory.

Along with getting access to these additional tools, membership will give dealers exclusive access to buying inventory at NPA Auctions.

“NPA made the decision several years ago to begin instituting a membership fee to participate in our auctions. However, part of our mission is to provide value to our customers in everything we do, so we decided to wait until we could roll out new benefits with the membership program including an enhanced version of NPA Value Guide with key features our dealers have been asking for,” said Jim Woodruff, CEO. “The NPA Membership Program will help fuel the development of new features and capabilities for all our members and adds an extra layer of exclusivity to dealers who have made the commitment to powersports.”

The new NPA Value Guide Plus is the first to offer dealers actual vehicle transaction information that can be searched by location and time frame. With over 75,000 transactions annually, this gives dealers the details needed to estimate the value of any powersport vehicle accurately. To help dealers find out what their current pre-owned inventory is worth, NPA also created the Inventory Value tool. Dealers can simply upload vehicle VINs in bulk, and the NPA Value will be displayed, including average miles, condition, number of units.

To speed up time-to-market and gain competitive advantage, dealers can list their auction purchases on their website the same day they’re purchased through Digital Ad Packages. For $10 each, dealers get immediate access to Hi-Res images and a simplified version of the condition report for their purchases, which can then be posted to their website. Finally, with NPA VIN Decode dealers can take trades with confidence! By uploading one or more VIN into the new VIN Decode, NPA’s VIN Decode system will detect similar models and list all possible matches and the probability of each.

“Since the launch, we have received terrific feedback on the new features we launched with the program,” Woodruff said. “Over 400 dealers have signed up to gain early access to them. These tools will more than pay for themselves. We appreciate you, our customers, and look forward to continuing to provide you with the best products to grow your business.”

As of July 1, 2020, all new dealers are required to purchase the annual membership at the time of registration. Beginning on Aug. 1, 2020, currently registered dealers will have their new membership activated and billed on their original registration date with NPA. If dealers would like access to these products immediately, they can purchase the membership any time before their registration date.

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