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AFT to introduce medical response team in 2020

As part of its enhanced safety efforts for 2020, American Flat Track proudly announced the introduction of the AFT Medical Response Team (MRT), an expert team of athlete medical professionals that will be present at all rounds of the 2020 race season.

A crucial part of AFT’s commitment to making an inherently hazardous sport safer than it has ever been, the AFT Medical Response team will provide critical on-site medical care to competitors at no cost to its recipients. AFT has contracted Dr. Ray Rossi, an FIM-certified doctor with decades of experience in motorcycle racing, to provide a group of highly-trained, specialized physicians to serve as a rapid-response team.

A rapid-response UTV — provided by American Honda — will ensure that the MRT staff, equipped with the proper medical equipment, will lead the on-track response to incidents where medical aid may be needed.

A continuation of its dedication to advancing the overall safety of the sport, AFT has designed the MRT as a means of providing consistent, personalized care for its athletes. Additionally, first responders will be trained on the correct methods for providing care specific to motorcycle-related incidents including helmet removal, advanced airway management and concussion evaluation.

“The introduction of the Medical Response Team is the latest initiative in our ongoing strategy to raise the bar for safety in our sport,” said Michael Lock, CEO of American Flat Track. “Dr. Rossi and his team act as both advisors to the Series and as first responders to incidents at our AFT National race events. We are very grateful to them and happy to bring this new level of infrastructure and competitor care to American Flat Track in 2020.”

“Safety is our number one priority and the addition of Dr. Rossi and his team will bolster the medical response capability at American Flat Track events,” said Joey Mancari, AFT’s Chief Competition Officer. “The doctors on the Medical Response Team bring decades of expertise to the immediate on-track response team and will provide key guidance to the local emergency medical crews at our events.”

American Flat Track will kick off its 2020 season with the first-ever Volusia Half-Mile presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys doubleheader event at Volusia Speedway Park in Volusia County, Florida, on Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18.

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