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Polaris adds generators to PG&A lineup

News release

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) today announced the introduction of a new product line adjacency, Polaris POWER™. This introduction supports Polaris’ strategy to continue driving growth through adjacencies, bringing innovative Polaris products to an entirely new product space. Three all-new digital inverter generators built for outdoor enthusiasts are the first products in the Polaris POWER line.

“Polaris continually explores adjacent product markets that complement our existing offerings and strengthen our brand,” said Steve Eastman, Polaris vice president of parts, garments and accessories. “Digital inverter generators provide a convenient and reliable power source for today’s outdoor lifestyle consumers. Our new family of Polaris POWER products offer rugged and portable designs which are perfectly suited to meet their power needs.”

Polaris POWER Digital Inverter Generators deliver clean power in a fuel-efficient, quiet, and compact package. These highly portable units are the perfect power source for camping, hunting, tailgating or anything outdoors. Furthermore, the generators provide value to a homeowner as an emergency back-up power source.

Polaris is offering consumers three models – the P1000i, the P2000i and the P3000i – delivering 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 watts of maximum AC output, respectively. All models feature an economy throttle, which allows consumers to manage power output to maximize runtime. Across the family, these products are extremely quiet, running at a volume quieter than a typical conversation.

The P1000i and P2000i provide consumers parallel capable design, meaning multiple units can be linked to provide additional power, and are ideal for tasks such as powering a tailgate, running small appliances at campsites or powering work lights. The P3000i is built to handle larger jobs, such as powering an RV air conditioner, with its high power output and 21 hours of runtime.

Polaris POWER Digital Inverter Generators will be available at select Polaris dealers beginning in December.

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