What’s new when customers walk into your dealership?

Change is good. Think of the most successful retail stores regardless of industry, and we can agree that they all have something in common: they regularly change their in-store displays. Whether it is Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, or your area’s most successful car dealership, you can be sure that if you compare what you see today, it is different from their retail displays a month ago.

Now what about your dealership’s showroom? If a customer visited a month ago, what is different now that makes it worthwhile for that customer to visit again today?

No, we are not suggesting that you completely change the layout of your dealership every month, but think about it, shouldn’t you set a goal to think up creative ways to attract your best customers back to your dealership? If your customers already know what to expect at your dealership, then why should they bother to visit regularly?

Some motorcycle dealerships find success by creating their own “front line” of rotating used bike inventory, or a well-run accessory department with ever-changing specials. Others use radically customized bikes (whether Harleys, Hayabusas, or Husqvarnas) to draw attention and give customers something to talk about. Or display the shop’s own drag bike, or a customer’s decked-out GS just back from Alaska, or the dealer principal’s restored BSA.

Help your customers get into the habit of regularly visiting your dealership knowing that there will always be something interesting to see.

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