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Another city announces ATV, dirt bike crackdown: report

On Wednesday, July 21, the Columbus City Council approved new legislation charging reckless operating of an ATV or dirt bike with a fine of up to $1,000 and police confiscation of the vehicle.

“Since the beginning of 2021, I’ve heard from residents from all over the city about how illegal operation of ATVs and dirt bikes are causing havoc in our neighborhoods, driving recklessly down our streets, and destroying our public parks,” said Councilmember Mitchell Brown, according to the Columbus Underground. Brown noted the Council has received dozens of emails, and the Columbus Division of Police has received over 700 calls related to illegal ATV and dirt bike operation.

“These ATVs are just as serious as anything, these dirt bikes, because they can cause loss of life and serious injuries as well, and a lot of crimes like these lead to other crimes as well, so, while we absolutely have to address our homicides, and we are working on that, we also have to look at everything, crime as a whole, and make sure that we’re creating a safe environment for everyone,” said Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant.

Powersports Business previously reported that the Philadelphia City Council has unanimously approved legislation that amends the city’s traffic code to close the loophole on a law to now include ATVs and dirt bikes as illegal street vehicles.

It’s important to inform new and potential customers of both law and etiquette during the purchase process. If more access and opportunity leads to increased sales, the pendulum will also swing the other way when increased restrictions are put in place.

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