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New Philadelphia law closes ATV, dirt bike loophole: report

The Philadelphia City Council has unanimously approved legislation that amends the city’s traffic code to close the loophole on a law to now include ATVs and dirt bikes as an illegal street vehicle, according to FOX 29 in Philadelphia.

According to the piece, a rise in illegal racing through city streets inspired the change. By defining dirt bikes and ATVs as illegal street vehicles, the bill will group all the illegal vehicles into one category and give the Philadelphia Police Department the authority to confiscate them.

“Residents from every neighborhood came to us with their concerns and experiences with dangerous situations that were caused by the illegal vehicle riding,” said Councilmember Domb, according to FOX 29. Bill No. 210423 will become law effective immediately.

Powersports Business has previously reported the benefit of dealerships becoming involved in creating more trails and access for its patrons.

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