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New ATV/UTV exhaust paint introduced, available in 11 colors

KBS Coatings has introduced XTC Silicone Zinc Primer and XTC Xtreme Temperature Coating to provide durable and long-lasting finishes on ATV and UTV exhaust systems.

XTC Coating is available in 11 colors as well as clear.

Both are available in an aerosol spray can and quart, gallon, and five-gallon containers for brushing, rolling or spray equipment. XTC Coating is available in 11 colors as well as clear, according to the company.

XTC Silicone Zinc Primer can withstand temperatures over 1,200° F and provides rust protection even in high humidity, high condensation, and salt air conditions. According to the company, the primer functions much like galvanization and locks itself to bare metal surfaces leaving a matte gray finish that can be used as the finish paint or as a perfect primed surface for top coating with XTC Coating.

XTC Coating is a high-temperature and heat-resistant coating that protects metal surfaces operating at 500° F to 1,200° F.

Painting Tip from KBS:

Apply multiple very thin, covering coats of XTC Primer and XTC Coating. While two coats of each is generally recommended, the actual number of coats is determined by the coarseness of the substrate; There needs to be enough dry film thickness of both XTC Primer and XTC Coating to thoroughly coat the minute peaks and the valleys on the surface to ensure the metal is completely sealed. However, unlike lower-temperature coatings, overdoing the number of coats is not recommended to avoid blistering.

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