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BRP recognizes MBL with 2024 Gold Supplier Award

MBL (USA) Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of power transmission belts, has been recognized for its exceptional performance as a supplier to BRP with the BRP Gold Supplier Award for 2024. MBL shares that this award acknowledges its commitment to delivering high-quality products, exceptional on-time delivery, and a dedication to continuous improvement.

MBL President Jim Wideman (second from left), Power Sports Senior Sales Manager Chris Schaible, and Senior Sales Advisor Takaya Yamamoto are awarded a 2024 BRP Gold Supplier Award. Photo courtesy of MBL

The BRP Gold Supplier Award is a highly coveted distinction within the BRP supply chain. It signifies that a supplier has consistently met or exceeded BRP’s stringent criteria throughout the previous year. These criteria encompass several key performance areas:

  • 12-Month PPM < 50: This metric measures parts per million defects. A PPM of less than 50 indicates an incredibly low defect rate, reflecting MBL’s commitment to quality.
  • 98%+ Ship Date on Time with ASN Creation on Time: This criterion highlights MBL’s reliability in meeting delivery deadlines and ensuring timely Advance Shipment Notifications (ASNs) are created. This enables BRP to optimize their inventory management and production processes.
  • 99%+ PPAP: The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) ensures that all production parts conform to the agreed-upon specifications. MBL’s exceptional PPAP approval rate demonstrates our commitment to delivering parts that meet BRP’s exact requirements.
  • ISO 9000 Certification: This internationally recognized standard signifies that MBL has a robust quality management system in place. This system ensures consistent quality throughout our entire operation.

MBL shares, “Receiving the BRP Gold Supplier Award is a tremendous honor for MBL (USA) Corporation. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. We are committed to continuously improving our processes and exceeding our customers’ expectations. This award motivates us to maintain our focus on quality, on-time delivery, and open communication as we continue our strong partnership with BRP… We are committed to upholding the high standards that earned us this distinction and continuing to deliver exceptional value to BRP. We look forward to building upon this success and achieving even greater heights in the years to come.”

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