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Viral Brand teams up with Kimpex USA

Viral Brand is bringing its cutting-edge goggles and sunglasses to dealer shelves across the U.S. and Canada through a new partnership with distributor Kimpex USA.

Viral Brand is bringing its cutting-edge eyewear to Kimpex USA and will be available to powersports dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada in the near future. (Photo credit: Viral Brand LLC)

The Viral Brand line has gained popularity for its fusion of style and functionality, providing outdoor and sports enthusiasts with eyewear designed for performance and comfort. The company’s products come with patent-pending features such as magnetic replaceable face foam, replaceable goggle straps and modular frame design.

Kimpex USA, a distributor with a strong foothold in the powersports market, recognized the innovation and quality synonymous with Viral Brand. Through this exclusive distribution agreement, Kimpex USA will facilitate the availability of Viral Brand Goggles and Sunglasses in retail outlets, ensuring enthusiasts in the U.S. and Canada have convenient access to the latest in eyewear technology.

“Viral Brand is thrilled to partner with Kimpex USA in expanding our reach and making our premium eyewear accessible to a broader audience,” says Scot Steffy, founder and CEO at Viral Brand LLC. “Kimpex USA’s extensive distribution network and commitment to excellence align seamlessly with our brand values. Together, we aim to enhance the outdoor experience for adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts across North America.”

This collaboration opens doors for Viral Brand to make a lasting impact in the powersports industry, offering a range of goggles and sunglasses that blend style, durability, and advanced technology.

“We are excited to welcome Viral Brand into the Kimpex USA family of premium brands,” says Jason Hammond, vice president and general manager of Kimpex USA. “Their commitment to push design while delivering on functionality and quality aligns with our mission to deliver market-leading products to our customers. Working with thought leaders like Viral Brand exemplifies our understanding and commitment to being a leading distributor in the powersports market.”

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