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BRP reveals 2024 Can-Am Maverick R

BRP has unveiled the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R lineup, designed from the rider down and inspired by the company’s relentless pursuit of performance. The Maverick R touts a 240-horsepower engine, Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), unrivaled suspension travel, and a suite of enhanced technology to take the rider experience to the next level.

“Can-Am believes that progress does not come from standing still, and the exciting new Maverick R represents our commitment to creating a machine that will change the industry by smashing through the confines of current performance and design boundaries, taking the rider experience to a whole new level,” says Sandy Scullion, president, Powersports Group at BRP. “With a 240 horsepower powerplant, state-of-the-art DCT gearbox, and the chassis and suspension to harness the power, the new Maverick R is truly a race-ready side-by-side purpose-built for the most demanding riders.”

The Maverick R touts a 240-horsepower engine, Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), unrivaled suspension travel, and a suite of enhanced technology to take the rider experience to the next level. Photos courtesy of BRP

Engine and Transmission

The heartbeat of the Maverick R comes from a 240-horsepower 999T Rotax 999cc turbocharged inline three-cylinder, four-stroke, fuel-injected engine. Putting the power to the ground faster and more efficiently than ever before, the Maverick R utilizes the first-ever Rotax off-road seven-speed DCT design, automatic or optionally controllable by paddle shifter. This potent package provides the Maverick R power-to-displacement ratio to leave the competition in the dust.

Through race proven research and development, the Maverick R employs an optimized air intake design for easy maintenance and next-level performance. Dual fuel injectors feed each cylinder, while the industry’s first electronically controlled wastegate regulates the turbocharger’s boost pressure, maximizing performance throughout the R, no matter the conditions.

Three selectable driving modes – Normal, Sport, and Sport+ – put even more control into the driver’s hands. The Normal driving mode provides a smooth throttle response, shifts gears through the seven-speed DCT transmission at 3500-4500 RPM range; the Sport mode offers enhanced throttle response and shifts gears 8500 RPM; and the Sport+ mode features Advanced Response Technology (ART) to achieve peak throttle response performance and shifts gears at 8500 RPM, a highly effective anti-turbo lag system. ART creates preload to the turbo by cutting one cylinder, delaying the ignition curve, and maximizing throttle body positioning for maximum airflow. Once wide-open throttle is applied, the third cylinder returns to firing and max performance is achieved.

A new heavy duty tall-knuckle suspension design enables the Maverick R to achieve its full potential on the trail or the track, with 25-inches of travel upfront, 26-inches in the rear, and 17-inches of ground clearance.

Chassis and Suspension

A revolutionary powerplant needs a revolutionary chassis to handle the unrivaled power. The Maverick R features a high-strength dual-phase tube steel v-shape chassis and cage for increased strength, rigidity and optimized vehicle performance. The new chassis design significantly reduces stress on bolted connections, including the front and rear suspension components that are equipped with double-bonded bushings for a more quiet and smooth riding experience. To keep up with the demands of the high-performance engine and chassis, the Maverick R has a class-leading vehicle footprint, measuring 77-inches wide and a 108-inch wheelbase for optimal stability and handling.

A new heavy duty tall-knuckle suspension design prioritizes rider comfort and performance. The design enables the Maverick R to achieve its full potential on the trail or the track, with 25-inches of travel upfront, 26-inches in the rear, and 17-inches of ground clearance. The unique aerospace aluminum suspension configuration also reduces stress on components, providing superior bump absorption, increased torsional rigidity, and improved stability and handling.

An unbeatable combination of Smart-Shox, the newest Fox Live Valve Gen 3 technology coupled with Fox 2.5 PODIUM and 3.0 PODIUM shocks, keeps the Maverick R smoothly tracking across the most treacherous of desert chop. Thanks to Fox’s patented electronic main post and base valve, the Maverick R has six times greater compression tuning range than any other vehicle on the market. Making more than 200 real time suspension adjustments per second, with the ability to change from soft-to hard-valve settings in less than two-hundredths of second, the Maverick R suspension package inspires confidence with every brake, acceleration, and corner.

Putting the power to the ground, the Maverick R is equipped with 32-inch Tenacity XNR ITP tires (32x10Rx16) that are mounted to 16-inch aluminum beadlocked wheels. The robust 16-inch wheels also have the industry’s first six-lug, 139.7mm bolt pattern, which is standard for many automotive trucks, and a required element to handle the increased power and torque of the new platform. Stopping power for the Maverick R comes from 265mm discs upfront, gripped by 32mm hydraulic triple piston calipers, while 255mm discs are gripped by 30mm hydraulic dual piston calipers in the rear.

Rider Experience and Features

Every detail of the Maverick R was thoroughly scrutinized in the design and engineering process to ensure an unmatched rider experience, balancing comfort, performance, quality and practicality. The cutting-edge interior creates an immersive driving experience with precision ergonomics and 10.25-inch digital touchscreen display for maximum visibility and control.

The Ergo-Lok cockpit features four-way adjustable seats for the driver and passenger, with a low seating position and customizable support options for a premium driving experience. The configuration of interior and controls offers a seamless, intuitive experience from the infotainment screen to the telescoping steering wheel with control keypad. The steering wheel also features supercar-inspired optional paddle shifters for lightning-fast gear changes. The intuitive design also carries over to the storage solutions, with a central sealed storage compartment for cell phones and an easy-to-reach passenger glove box. Encapsulating the rider cockpit, sleek one-piece half-doors complement the interior as much as they do the exterior, with a flush fit that also finishes the bodylines of the vehicle.

A first for the Can-Am Off-Road lineup, the Maverick R is equipped with a new 10.25-inch touchscreen display, offering an intuitive user interface with vehicle performance information, driving stats, navigation via the BRP GO! app, music, phone connectivity, and front/rear cameras.


Vehicle Lineup

The all-new 2024 Maverick R lineup has four different model configurations, the Maverick R, the Maverick R X, the Maverick R X rs, and the Maverick R X rs with Smart-Shox. To learn more about the 2024 Can-Am lineup visit

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