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Social networking short cuts

Karin GelschusWith skeleton crews working overtime to keep dealerships’ doors open, social networking sites are often at the bottom of their To-Do lists. Here are some tools to make managing the sites less time consuming: or These two sites allow a user to post one item, but it goes to multiple sites. This site allows a specific group of people (of the user’s choosing) to share anything from photos and links. The site also has the ability to pull in updates from other Web sites as well as publish the user’s feed to other social networking sites. This is a column that runs along side browser Firefox. It allows users to manage all their social networking sites, including Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc.

TweetDeck: This site provides statistics and local trends. Also, users can schedule posts in advance, so they’re tweeted at a specific time on a specific day. This way users can submit multiple tweets in one sitting, but not have them all go out at the same time.

There are dozens of these tools out there, and many of them offer similar tools. Take 20 minutes to check some out, and your social networking time can be cut five-fold.

If you know of any other tools or have used any of these, please share!

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