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Many dealerships have joined the rapidly growing number of businesses choosing to establish a brand presence on Facebook. Hopefully your dealership has not only set up a page on Facebook, but you are starting to get into the groove of posting engaging content on a regular basis. Now it’s time to take your Facebook marketing to the next level and focus on increasing your fan base. There are many easy ways for you to take an active role in increasing your number of Facebook fans.

Take a little time to determine why someone should want to follow your Facebook page. For example, do you post useful information such as ride recommendations or local road closures during riding season? How about advance notice to upcoming sales events or special offers specifically for your Facebook fans? Do you use your Facebook page to ask for feedback on event venues or product offerings? Content that is entertaining, useful or makes someone feel special will entice people to follow your dealership on Facebook.

Now that you know what the reasons are for liking your page, start communicating that message to potential new fans. You may want to consider setting up a Welcome tab on your page. There are a number of apps on the market that you can use to build a custom page. When you add your custom page, you are able to set up the page as the default landing tab in the Manage Permissions area of your Facebook page dashboard.

Use your newsletter to encourage your subscribers to follow your dealership on Facebook. Communicate the benefits of following you in the newsletter, and most importantly, provide a link to your Facebook page.

The news feeds of fans who engage with your page display what they have liked or what they’ve left comments on, which is also seen by their friends. Friend endorsement is a key way for your page popularity to increase.

There are many ways for you to advertise your Facebook page. These include:

  • Advertising the Facebook icon on your point-of-sale signs
  • Providing a link to your Facebook page through your website
  • Listing the URL on your business cards and including a link on your email signatures
  • Adding a QR code to promotional signs or event posters with a link to your Facebook page for easy sign-up

Facebook success does not stop with creating a dealership page. It is just the starting point for successful online marketing in a social world.

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  1. Photos are so effective, I love to see what is new or happening from a Facebook friend or business. Show me is better than just telling me…

  2. Jennifer I absolutely agree with you. Excellent point to add and I also think that video is another great way to capture the attention of fans and their friends. Our industry of powersports is about the fun and excitement and video is perfect avenue to communicate that passion.

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