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Six benefits of a Facebook business page

As traditional marketing methods are now shifting toward social marketing tactics of engagement and relationship building, it is becoming common place to see businesses interacting on Facebook with their customers. If your dealership hasn’t created a Facebook page yet, now is the time to get started. Your customers are sure to be among Facebook’s over 600 million monthly active users. The once confusing process for setting up a business page on Facebook has since been simplified through recent enhancements by Facebook. Setting up a Facebook business page is now a quick and easy process.

To set up a page for your dealership on Facebook, click on the “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business.” link located below the prominent Facebook profile page creation fields. Business pages include benefits not found in personal profiles, which are intended for individual use, or group pages, which are intended for clubs, groups and organizations with shared causes or interests.

By creating a business page, your dealership is able to take advantage of some of the newer features Facebook has recently added to benefit businesses. Features include:

  1. Pages formatted with fields for you to include your dealership address information which is synced with an interactive map, phone number, hours and your website URL.
  2. Dealership location – your address information also allows visitors using Facebook Places to find you and add a check-in post to their Facebook wall to announce their arrival at your dealership.
  3. Unlike a personal profile, which has a cap on the number of friends who can follow you, business pages are not limited to the number of people who “like” your page.
  4. Facebook provides businesses with marketing tools such as Facebook Ads and various widgets for your website, including a Facebook badge which links to your Facebook page and a “Like” box which allows visitors to your website to “Like” your Facebook page without leaving your website.
  5. Facebook Insights provide businesses with an analytics tool for monitoring page engagement and activity.
  6. Email notifications are sent to page administrators whenever comments are posted on the page’s wall for easy monitoring and prompt engagement with followers.

If your dealership hasn’t established a social presence yet, you should immediately.  Begin the social marketing shift by creating a business page on Facebook where your customers are sure to be present and begin relationship building today.

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