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An unforgettable story

Karin GelschusNational Best New Dealer, National Best Exclusive Dealer, National Best Marketing and Northwest Dealer of the Year were just some of the numerous awards a Bend, Ore., dealership won.

For several years, the dealership, Bend Euro Moto, had more than a few things going right, including 100 percent increase in gross sales in one year and a record-breaking market share to name just a couple.

Unfortunately, the store fell victim to economic turmoil. At one point, Oregon was the third worst state in the nation for unemployment and foreclosures, and the dealership’s location, Bend, was among the worst areas in the embattled state.

“It’s like fostering along a beloved dog with a terminal illness,” Kathy Jo Porter, owner of the now-closed Bend Euro Moto, said of her and her husband’s efforts at keeping the store open. “If there’s any hope that you can keep it alive, it’s worth exhausting every effort imaginable to that end. But there comes a point at which it’s not fair to the dog to keep him alive just because you can’t bear the thought of losing him.”

True dog lovers themselves, Kathy Jo and her husband and co-owner David Bingham, shared their story with me in the place where it all happened.

For the full story, see the Aug. 9 issue of Powersports Business.

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