Six key website analytics you should be aware of

Monitoring your website’s analytics and knowing how to use the data provided is key for the optimum performance of your website.

Your site’s web analytics software can provide you with a wealth of data pertaining to visitor traffic and behavior on your website. Understanding what your statistics represent and the course of action to take based on what the numbers and patterns are indicating will aid you in the process of making adjustments and changes to ultimately increase online sales leads.

If you aren’t accustom to viewing your analytics or aren’t sure how to use the information provided, start by monitoring these six statistics:

Number of unique visitors – Unique visitors represent individual visitors to your site within a 24-hour period. If you identify a trend of decreasing traffic to your site, it is time to evaluate how your dealership is marketing your website, including search engine optimization.

Most and least popular pages – If you want to gain exposure to one of your least popular pages, analyze the ease for a consumer to find that particular page on your site. Optimize the page for SEO and consider paid search for boosting traffic to the page.

Bounce rates – Determine which pages on your site receive the highest bounce rates. Bounce rates represent visitors who leave after visiting one page. Higher bounce rates on some pages, such as a page providing hours and directions may be acceptable. However, a high bounce rate on your home page is cause for re-evaluation of your site’s design and the quality of its content.

Weekly traffic patterns – Identify the day of the week that your site receives the most traffic. Use this information to determine when site updates are scheduled to capitalize on the most exposure to sales and events you are promoting.

Referral links – Gain an understanding of where your traffic is coming from. If you maintain a social presence on sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you should see referral traffic from these sites. If not, make sure your website URL is displayed on your social sites. On YouTube, your full URL should be the first piece of information listed on your video’s description.

Search Engines – Monitor the referrals from search engines. Where is the majority of your traffic coming from? Which key words are resulting in your website? Use this information to adjust your organic optimization on your site, including the inclusion of keywords that may not be bringing customers to your site.


A robust web analytics package can be a little intimidating if you aren’t sure how to use the rich availability of data. Starting with these six statistics will help you increase traffic and site performance, ultimately leading to an increase in online leads and sales for your dealership.

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