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Mike DavinIn the old days, if you had a suggestion for your favorite magazine, you could call them up or compose a letter to the editor.

Today, you’re still free to do those things. However, there are dozens of other ways to interact with us. We get e-mail; we read the comments on this blog; there are Twitter messages, LinkedIn postings — you get the idea.

We also regularly post polls on our Web site. Many are about issues in the powersports industry, others might be about things we’re doing or thinking of doing with the magazine or our Web sites. And if you have an idea for a poll, you’re welcome to suggest one.

To vote in one of our polls or just view the results, go to our homepage, powersportsbusiness.com. Our current question is: “In comparison to last year at this time, how are your PG&A e-commerce sales?”

We take your input seriously — no matter what form it’s delivered in – and we frequently use it to make decisions about the products and services we offer you, from our magazine and e-newsletters to our Web site, white papers, social media, events and custom publications. So, don’t hesitate to contact us whichever way suits you best.

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  1. Polls are great but the data is only interesting when its specific. Personally I really like Polls via LinkedIn as the data is relevant to the voters profiles.

    Personally I’d love to see a poll or statistics on how powersport manufacturers are splitting their ad spend / marketing budgets and how important it is for them to connect with consumers via social media, blogs, forums and online or new media applications.

    Great site. thanks for the opportunity to add my thoughts!

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