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PSB recognizes 2023 Women With Spark winners

Powersports Business has already revealed our 2023 Women With Spark winners, and we are honored to now share how these professionals lead and inspire.

JANET ALLEN | Office Manager, Jonesboro Cycle and ATV

In 2021, Janet assumed the crucial role of ensuring timely funding for all deals at the dealership. When she came on board, some deals had gone over 30 days unfunded. She now ensures deals are funded within 48 hours. She efficiently manages her department and holds other managers accountable for payroll expenses.

Janet played a pivotal role in the dealership’s move from a 24,000 square foot building to a 180,000 square foot facility and orchestrated a seamless relocation involving over 15 manufacturers. Her nominator acknowledged the challenges the move would have posed without her guidance.

Janet has worked in every department, from service and sales to accounting, and has 23 years of dealership experience. She is usually the first to arrive and often the last to leave, frequently clocking over 70 hours per week. She works behind the scenes, offers a wealth of knowledge and is an invaluable asset to the dealer principles.

COURTNEY BERNHARD | Partner – Harley-Davidson and Powersports Division, Performance Brokerage Services

Courtney is a dedicated professional who has played a pivotal role in facilitating over 30 dealership buy-sell transactions from 2021 to 2023. Her efforts have enabled 30 families to smoothly transition into retirement, embark on their next chapter of life or expand their presence in the powersports sector through acquisitions.

Courtney Bernhard

She is known for her diligence and determination and works tirelessly on multiple buy-sell deals simultaneously. She has a strong work ethic, pays attention to detail and deeply cares about the well-being of families looking to grow into or exit the powersports industry.

Courtney leads with empathy and invests significant time to understand who she is working with and their options. She is knowledgeable about the industry and uses her expertise to seamlessly guide dealers. Industry peers admire Courtney’s unwavering dedication, passion for assisting dealers and her admirable commitment to long hours and weekend travel for dealer closings.

DEANA BRASSFIELD | Marketing Manager, Jonesboro Cycle and ATV

Deana has elevated the dealership’s marketing department by effectively leveraging platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, resulting in numerous viral posts. Utilizing videography, Google Ads and community events, she promotes the dealership through various channels, dedicating extensive hours to ensure the brand’s widespread visibility.

Deana is consistently proactive, seeking innovative ways to expand outreach and is known for her kindness, collaborative approach and strong passion for her work. Often described as a perfectionist, she encourages and supports her colleagues, fostering their professional growth. Despite her impactful contributions, Deana prefers to remain behind the scenes, allowing others to take the spotlight.


MELISSA COFFEY | Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development, Volcon ePowersports

Melissa developed an all-star sales team of industry veterans who established a dealer base of the very best, according to her nominator. The team launched the company into the powersports industry and sold out one of its models in record time.

Melissa’s leadership style is fluid and responsive. She balances overall corporate strategy with dynamic implementation per channel. She understands the needs of her team while maintaining a direction toward the corporate goals. She drives her team towards those goals and excels at working through obstacles.

She is a natural leader and has developed a strong rapport with her team. Melissa is intuitive and compassionate yet fiercely driven and focused. Her powersports background has enabled her to lead her team with prowess. She is described as a rock star with spark.

Melissa Coffey

CARRIE FEINEN | Business Account Executive, Torque Group

Carrie is an asset to dealerships, and her success is attributed to her training skills, product knowledge and sales expertise. Her training programs aim to equip dealers with a thorough understanding of the products they sell, fostering confidence through in-depth knowledge.

Carrie is always looking for innovative ways to improve. She ensures dealerships are well-staffed and offers support wherever needed. Her dedication and hard work have contributed to increased sales, heightened customer satisfaction and overall dealership success.

She played a pivotal role in a 130 percent growth in the finance department through her impactful training. She is knowledgeable and promptly responds to coworkers’ needs. She is passionate about her job, which motivates others to excel. She holds coworkers accountable and guides them toward improvement. She prioritizes the dealership and customer experience. Recognized for her exceptional problem-solving skills, one nominator commended Carrie as the most outgoing and capable warranty rep encountered in their career, emphasizing her continuous professional growth.

Carrie Feinen

KAYLA FILIPIAK | Marketing Coordinator, Simply Ride

Kayla has increased video marketing content by 50 percent at the dealership, along with video quality. She has improved marketing content and events by making them more fun with her “fiery and chipper personality.” This positive impact is reflected in the exponential increase in engagement on social media.

Kayla constantly generates new ideas and brings a fun perspective to marketing. She is a go-getter and guides people who assist her with positivity. She is described as a person that others love to work with and as a breath of fresh air. Colleagues look up to her, respect her and go out of their way to help her because she goes above and beyond for them. Her nominator describes Kayla as lightning in a bottle.

Kayla Filipak

HEATHER (BROCK) FOUCHEK | Owner, Deckle Edge Design & Marketing

Heather is a graphic designer who specializes in powersports. According to her nominator, she possesses exceptional talent and can transform ideas into impactful logos, flyers or graphics. Her nominator frequently recommends her to clients for the creation of logos, t-shirt designs and flyers to promote their organizations and events.

Heather is known for her creativity, humility and hard work. She assists clients in establishing a strong visual identity, contributing to the achievement of their goals and attracting more customers. Her supportive approach serves as the foundation for clients seeking to build a robust brand identity.

MANDY GREASBY | Senior Manager- Dealer & Industry Relationships, Rollick, Inc.

Mandy has mastered the daily tasks of supporting dealers and has the technical know-how and institutional knowledge needed to consult them. When she is not on the phone or attending an online meeting, she can be seen at industry events regularly. Mandy contributed to dealer 20 group meetings, attended Accelerate and AIMExpo, and supported the National Powersports Dealer Association (NPDA) in 2022. She has a passion for people and a love for the powersports industry.

She is known for her kindness and welcoming smile. She is a dealer advocate with a thirst for working in positive and challenging environments. She is a trailblazer and helps powersport dealers move from a brick-and-mortar model to a dual strategy with a strong online presence.

She leads by example, mentors new team members and helps all succeed. She works long hours and goes the extra mile for dealers and co-workers. She is a cheerleader and a true team player, contributing to the positive company culture and being invaluable to the company’s overall success.

Mandy Greasby

ERIN HOUSER | Account Executive, Torque Group

Erin has made significant contributions to the F&I Departments of her dealerships. She develops customized strategies after connecting with dealers and understanding their needs. This approach has led to increased profitability and enhanced overall performance for her dealers.

She is described as an exceptional individual and her dedication and hard work make her an invaluable asset to her dealers. She is a great salesperson with an uncanny ability to connect with customers and provide them with the perfect product to meet their needs. Her joyful and lovable personality adds a positive dynamic to the workplace.

Erin’s commitment to excellence is evident in her continuous search for operational improvements and her fearlessness in taking on new challenges. Her attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond have earned her the respect and trust of colleagues and customers alike. She is described as a shining example of talent, hard work and a genuine love for her role.

Erin Houser

EWA JOHNSON | Sales and Marketing Manager, Namura Technologies

Over the past few years, Ewa has made remarkable strides in expanding the company’s marketing platform. In 2022, she doubled the company’s social media followers and collaborated with major media outlets and influencers to promote new products, resulting in a substantial increase in revenue.

Ewa is enthusiastic and creative, and she never hesitates to think outside of the box to promote a product. As she grows professionally, she maintains a humble and encouraging demeanor toward colleagues and industry professionals, fostering open communication.

Originating from Poland, English is her second language. She exemplifies the American powersports enthusiast’s dream through unwavering determination, earning admiration for her accomplishments from a nominator who recognized her amazing journey.

Ewa Johnson

CINNAMON KERNES | Vice President of Market Expansion, Motorcycle Industry Council

Cinnamon is described as having an unparalleled drive and passion that positively influences the entire powersports industry. She is the leader of the MIC market expansion program and works to inspire new and returning riders. Her strategy involves hands-on Moto Intros and a digital marketing program, resulting in hundreds of thousands of positive impressions as she nurtures relationships with new and future riders.

She oversees the AIMExpo tradeshow and has guided its shift from a consumer and trade event to a trade-only show. Her visionary approach and attention to detail enable her to take on the Ride With Us program’s goal to increase ridership. She seamlessly transitions between creating a vision and hands-on tasks to ensure her team achieves both short and long-term goals.

She relentlessly creates networking opportunities and educational content for tradeshow attendees. As a powerful team builder, thoughtful collaborator and inspirational visionary, Cinnamon always shows up with a dizzying amount of energy, creativity and thoughtful strategy.

Cinnamon Kernes


In 2022, Vanessa played a pivotal role in implementing innovative internal practices that streamlined operations to reduce costs and fuel the company’s growth. She implemented cost-reduction initiatives and the establishment of strategic partnerships to expand distribution channels and market access.

Vanessa is regarded as the mother of the company, and all trust her as she creates a supportive work environment. She excels in various roles, from shipping to sales, marketing, packaging and production, and maintains a hands-on approach to ensure customer satisfaction.

Vanessa’s leadership also contributed to the company’s acquisitions and the purchase and remodel of a new distribution center. She is a dedicated mother who balances family life with her career and international engagements, like judging a bike show in Qatar. She is also involved in charities.

Vanessa has an entrepreneurial mindset and takes calculated risks. She is proactive in identifying areas for growth, exploring untapped markets and implementing new strategies that drive the company forward. She is dedicated, determined, ambitious and a bold leader.

Vanessa Klock

JACKIE LEWIS | Dealer Support, Torque Group

Jackie plays a crucial role in the growth of dealerships, consistently meeting their needs with unmatched dedication. She is always ready to assist, regardless of the time or issue, she exudes happiness, loyalty and a positive attitude. She responds promptly and never misses a beat. Her expertise ranges from real-time IT problem-solving to product knowledge, contributing to a dealership’s strong market reputation and customer attraction, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Jackie’s willingness to assist the entire sales staff cultivates a collaborative and teamwork-oriented culture. Her approach and seamless problem-solving abilities set her apart. She is described as the best admin by her nominator, who notes that her professionalism surpasses industry standards. Her foresight, excellent customer service, kindness and patience make every dealer and deal feel significant. Beyond her caring approach, Jackie leads through training, and her work ethic adds significant value to the team.

LISA MALACHOWSKY | Owner, Dive N Ride Adventures LLC

Lisa has launched her own business to provide solutions to an underrepresented subpopulation of motorcyclists, namely LGBTQ+ riders who want to take friendly and safe motorcycle trips overseas. Lisa does things outside of the norm and, as she is working to reach a demographic that has not yet been focused on, nothing deters her.

AJ MEISEL | GM/F&I Manager, Plano Kawasaki Suzuki Aprilia

AJ has increased sales success while elevating the team around her. She provides exceptional leadership and displays integrity, accountability, motivation and a winning attitude. Her nominator shared that she expects high performance from those capable of such, guides individuals seeking growth and helps people develop to their fullest potential.

AJ Meisel

SAMANTHA NICOLINI | Owner, Freelance

Samantha has experience working for major event organizers like MX Sports and Racer X Illustrated and excels in managing large social media accounts that require continuous content and monitoring.

She has conducted interviews and created behind-the-scenes footage of Supercross competitors, Pro Motocross racers and more, and grows social media accounts tremendously by crafting content that resonates with viewers. She is quiet, humble and is always seen with a smile on her face. She is well-respected in the industry. She works long hours behind the scenes and travels thousands of miles to capture the best content.

ERICA ORANGE | Director of Finance/Sales, Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson

Erica oversees the finance department and achieved remarkable sales milestones in 2022, surpassing previous monthly records at the dealership. She is known for her hands-on approach as she actively manages and closes deals, and she is excellent at meeting customers’ wants and needs while maintaining profit margins and growing the business. In 2022, the total F&I gross revenue increased by 11.3 percent year over year and the profit per motorcycle rose by an impressive 32.6 percent compared to 2021.

Erica is active in her community and knows most customers by their first name. She is conscious of the market, interest rates and motorcycle profit margins. She has a knack for finding the perfect motorcycle for each customer, especially when credit challenged.

With over 18 years in the industry, her fairness, honesty and genuine care for her employees shine through. She encourages them to step outside of their comfort zone and acknowledges their achievements. She stays as long as a customer is in the store and assists when needed. She builds lasting connections with customers and is described as a true asset to the dealership who adds a spark to each day and is a joy to work with.

DIANA ORDOÑEZ | Sales Operations Manager, Octane Lending, Inc.

In 2022, Diana grew organizations in her territory by 76 percent year-over-year, despite the challenging national lending landscape during the onset of COVID-19. Her efforts resulted in the company’s growth in originations and expanded market share in her territory without resorting to paying any reserve, according to her nominator.

Diana builds trust with dealers and adapts her role within the dealership from a sales-centric to a consultative approach. This flexibility allows her to effectively educate dealers on profit maximization and manage various relationship aspects, including AMR collection, buy-backs and fraud prevention.

Taking a leadership role in 2022, Diana collaborated with the company’s operations and servicing teams to enable the sales team to gain visibility and effectively manage dealership-facing operational tasks, particularly in AMR collection and titling.

Leveraging her process management skills, Diana successfully worked with other regional sales managers to expand their roles to include portfolio management activities. Since joining the company in 2017, Diana has consistently grown her territory by more than 1.5 times each year, apart from 2020. Diana works impressively with independent dealers and is directly responsible for growth in three of the company’s top 10 independent dealerships.

Diana Ordoñez

JODY PEREWITZ | General Manager, Perewitz Cycle Fabrication

Jody has made a significant impact through her involvement in the All Kids Bike program. Her efforts have resulted in six elementary schools receiving bikes, fostering a love for two-wheelers among kindergartners and creating new riders. Jody runs a custom shop alongside her father. She was raised in the motorcycle world and has given her riding life her own polish and character.

Jody’s positive and enthusiastic approach to motorcycling shines. She has ridden in notable events such as Sons of Speed, the Kyle Petty Ride and various Cannonballs. She is an ambassador for motorcycling and serves as a stellar role model for women riders and is highly visible within the enthusiast community. During the pandemic, she and her dad launched the weekly show “Chopper History,” showcasing the stories of riders, builders and creators. Jody’s genuine love for the motorcycle industry is apparent in every endeavor she does.

STACEY PRAY | Senior Director of Business Development, Consumer, Octane Lending, Inc.

Stacey’s impactful leadership at the company has contributed to the success and growth of its soft pull prequalification tools. Under her guidance, the company had a 150 percent increase in application volume from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023, accompanied by rising dealer retention rates. Stacey played a key role in launching the company’s e-commerce tools, overseeing digital marketing, strategy, operations and process enhancements. Her dedication to customer needs and continuous improvement led to a doubling of the average closing ratio for one soft pull tool, from 32 percent to 72 percent.

Stacey’s leadership style, characterized by care for her team, market understanding and humility, sets her apart from others. She fosters an open-minded and solution-oriented approach, always available to listen to and support her team’s growth. With a background in powersports, RV dealerships and owning an auto dealership, coupled with over 15 years in dealer software, Stacey brings a unique blend of industry understanding and technological expertise to drive innovation in product delivery.

Stacey Pray

KELSEY RUNGE | Senior Designer, KLIM

Kelsey serves as the company’s dedicated female motorcycle designer focused on creating gear tailored for women. She introduced the industry’s first women’s adventure jacket and addresses unique challenges in women’s riding gear with her innovative designs. She actively contributes to expanding woman ridership by teaching other females how to ride.

Her impact extends both inside and outside the company, where she’s a role model known for her leadership, energetic spirit and forward-thinking passion for perfection. She actively seeks global feedback about her designs.

She volunteers as one of the company’s ambassadors for Polaris’ Women Leaders in Powersports group. In 2018, Women ADV Riders hailed her as “KLIM’s secret weapon.” Recently, she organized a female-specific motorcycle training course for the company’s female employees during the 17th annual International Female Ride Day, highlighting her commitment to empowering women in the powersports industry.

ABBY SAYO Finance Manager, Broward Motorsports

Abby has made significant contributions to the finance department and has an unparalleled level of hospitality. Her nominator praised her for consistently guiding visitors to their intended department, avoiding the conventional methods of pointing or paging.

As the sole female finance manager on the team, Abby aspires to support and mentor other women within the corporation. Her nominator shares that she is a single mother to a teenage son and made a bold move from California to Florida solely relying on faith and ability. Despite facing challenges, Abby remains steadfast in her ambition to move up the ranks at Broward Motorsports, showcasing resilience and determination in her professional journey.

Abby Sayo

JESSICA SHINE Owner, Brands that Shine

Jessica started her business in 2017 after years of working on the dealer side of things, and then for a manufacturer. She worked three jobs while launching her marketing agency and, persistent and determined after a life-altering motorcycle accident, she was able to focus solely on the company in mid−2018. Her business is now recognized as one of the most dealer-focused brand-building agencies in the industry, according to her nominator. She continues to build on the momentum that she has gained.

Jessica Shine

JESSICA SMITH | Desk Assistant, Sound Harley Davidson

Jessica is an experienced desk assistant who contributed significantly to a prominent PNW dealership, nationally ranked in the top 10 for Harley-Davidson sales for three consecutive years. She has nearly a decade of experience in the motorsports industry and has held diverse roles in apparel, licensing and marketing.

Jessica is recognized for her organizational skills and speed in constructing deals at the sales desk. As the dealership’s first sales desk assistant, she has streamlined processes for fit specialists and sales managers, increasing overall efficiency.

Beyond her desk duties, Jessica is known for her customer-centric approach, readily assisting with greetings and paperwork. Formerly an event coordinator and Motorclothes associate, Jessica now oversees the sales desk and floor, earning the title of the “mom of the sales crew.” Colleagues praise her as an invaluable asset to the sales department and the dealership.

MARGARET STEVENS | Parts Manager, ARS Powersports

Margaret has overseen major improvements in the parts department such as establishing an Amazon storefront and initiating a wholesale program. These initiatives have led to a 20 percent year-over-year profit increase. Under her leadership, the dealership has maintained a customer retention rate of over 38 percent for over four years. Margaret has worked at two different dealerships and has over eight years of valuable industry expertise.

Margaret Stevens

MARIA TORNATORE | Project Manager, Yamaha Marine Group

Maria played a pivotal role in the launch of the brand’s new innovation center and has also helped cultivate its employee culture. She has created a vibrant and exciting new work environment for the company’s development team.

Maria is positive, and her enthusiasm rubs off on everyone she works with. She is driven by a strong determination to succeed, and she actively fosters a culture that embraces new ideas and thinking outside of the box. She brings creativity into all aspects of her work.

Maria is a strong leader who excels at coordinating. She demonstrated her capabilities during an open house event, orchestrating various crucial elements for the event with many different people. Maria is young and has many creative and innovative ideas, which she brings to action. She is a role model for women in the industry and a vital contributor to her team.

Maria Tornatore

AMY TYLER | Fit Specialist, Sound Harley-Davidson

Amy started at the dealership in February of 2023 and has since sold over 70 motorcycles. She is a top-five performer every month for all five of the dealer group’s locations. Her CXI is always at 100 percent, and she has earned many five-star reviews.

She has helped build a strong team, knows products well and is an excellent teacher of the sales process. She is a mentor and leads by example. She brings personality and high energy into the dealership and is described as a bright light who keeps others motivated.

Amy has completed all required HDU training and is master certified through Harley-Davidson in motorcycle sales, A&L sales, parts sales and service sales. She works hard to reach her monthly goals.

Her dedication is shown by the commitment of her customers who travel a great distance to work with her. She strives to consistently improve her skills, gain knowledge, and learn the history of Harley-Davidson.

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