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PSB highlights the achievements of 2023 40 Under 40 winners

At the 2023 Accelerate Conference, Powersports Business recognized forward-thinking individuals who are proactive leaders and catalysts for growth within the industry. Below are the profiles of the 40 Under 40 honorees, showcasing the impact of their leadership and dedication:

DYLAN WENDT │ Assistant Sales Manager and Finance Manager, St. Paul Harley-Davidson

Dylan joined the business as a salesperson in August 2020 and was promoted to assistant sales manager by January 2022. He has transformed the F&I department and contributed to the company’s most profitable year in 2022.

Dylan’s versatility shines through as he maintains above-average F&I gross profits while juggling showroom responsibilities and training salespeople. Customers appreciate his ability to make motorcycle purchases enjoyable and understandable. Colleagues trust and refer to him, highlighting his positive impact.

Dylan’s hunger for responsibility, continuous training and unwavering coachability make him a valuable asset, capable of excelling in various roles within the dealership. His rapid progression, stellar performance and customer-centric approach position Dylan as a vital member of the team.

KELLY ALLAIN │ Executive Director of Business Development, Internet Sales, & CXI, American Road Group

Kelly is a pivotal force in the industry, known for her expertise in lead generation, CRMs, custom workflows, complex drip campaigns and effective word tracks. She expanded her focus in 2022, transitioning from motorcycle sales to overseeing all departments across the company’s nine Harley-Davidson dealer locations. She orchestrated custom campaigns resulting in increased sales in service, parts, alternative finance programs and Riding Academy strategies. Kelly traveled to each location to train and align processes and goals.

Her unique training style and structured processes have cultivated a passionate team of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. Kelly’s innovative strategies and execution, combined with her commitment to continuous improvement, led to remarkable achievements in 2022. She lives by the saying “achieving one goal is simply the starting point for the next.”

SAM HACKER │ Parts Manager, St. Paul Harley-Davidson

Sam ensures that his team members receive enough daily training so they can confidently help customers. He spends time with the parts counter staff and service advisors to make sure they are comfortable and confident.

Sam, at the helm of one of the nation’s Top 10 Harley-Davidson Parts Departments, led the dealership to one of its most profitable years in the parts division. With his extensive experience as the dealership’s top service advisor, he helped elevate the parts and accessories department.

Sam is committed to analyzing industry trends so he can stock popular products. He also manages the world’s largest online Buell accessory website. He is known for his expertise in accessorizing and maintenance, he cultivates lasting customer relationships and he guides newer employees to adopt best practices. He is praised for his respectful demeanor and customer focused practices. Sam oversees 12 employees while consistently elevating performance in his department.


ALEX REYES │ Finance Manager, Broward Motorsports

In 2023, Alex took on new responsibilities in finance and sales, and extended his influence by coaching managers across the entire dealership group. His emphasis on optimizing processes to uphold compliance standards has propelled his sales team.

Utilizing technology, Alex has introduced several innovative solutions in his department and remains committed to finding additional avenues to streamline processes throughout the organization.

He advocates for top-tier support from partners and actively empowers and uplifts his teammates. Alex’s strategic approach and dedication to efficiency mark him as a catalyst for positive change within the dealership. He enhances both operational effectiveness and team cohesion.

ANDY BRINKHAUS │ General Manager, Simply Ride

Andy has an open-door policy and skillfully transitions between being a friend and a manager. He motivates, listens to all and stays true to his family centric core values. He cares for staff on both professional and personal levels and genuinely considers their concerns.

Andy offers positive feedback and tactful corrections. He addresses challenges collaboratively and is involved in every aspect of the dealership. He fosters relationships and provides direction and essential tools to guide the team towards surpassing dealership goals. He has formed a cohesive team that produces exceptional results.

Andy’s leadership has led to strategic decision-making that has boosted sales and reduced hands-on inventory. He is involved in all aspects of the business, collaborating with leaders and contributors to drive improvement. Andy’s caring approach elevates the team and fosters growth within the organization beyond expectation.

BRYAN ROWELL │ Marketing Manager, Hattiesburg Cycles

Bryan has improved the dealership’s marketing tactics and oversees video and Instagram Reel posts. He is described as someone who “brings a love and knowledge of technology that helps propel the dealership in every department.” And his creativity is unmatched, according to his nominator. He continuously generates new ideas and campaigns and is proactive in addressing needs. He diligently works without seeking assistance.

TIM HAMMOND │ Purchasing Manager, Simply Ride

Tim is an invaluable force in growing the purchasing department. He manages a diverse team and improves processes. He invests in employees and promotes both a healthy work-life balance and a safe work environment. He places the right individuals in the right roles and coaches them to success. He fosters trust and confidence.

He is known for his open-door policy and takes time to understand his team, ensuring they have the support needed in a fast-paced setting. Tim’s leadership style garners respect rather than demanding it. He is described as understanding, empathetic and tough when needed. He values family principles and creates an enjoyable work atmosphere. His upbeat attitude, collaborative approach and conflict resolution skills motivate others to excel.

With a comprehensive understanding of finance, warranties, accessories and compliance issues, Tim’s blend of knowledge and interpersonal skills makes him a standout in the powersports industry, according to his nominator. He is passionate about motorcycles and dedicated to customer satisfaction. He constantly seeks improvement and embraces new ideas.

GABRIEL CRUZ │ Marketing Director, Segway Powersports

Gabe spearheaded the company’s entry into the U.S. market with impactful marketing strategies. He is collaborative and has an ability to unite like-minded individuals, contributing to the achievement of remarkable goals.

Gabe’s holistic marketing approach extends beyond traditional methods. He leverages digital platforms, emerging technologies and social media to create immersive brand experiences. His visionary leadership inspires industry changes and fosters a creative and innovative work environment.

Gabe’s campaigns consistently capture attention, earning recognition from both experts and consumers. He leads by example, embodies professionalism, a strong work ethic and a commitment to continuous improvement. During challenges, Gabe remains resilient and composed. He fosters a positive work environment by offering guidance and innovative solutions. Through strategic planning, collaborative partnerships and team empowerment, Gabe elevates the brand’s visibility, expands market presence and drives substantial growth.

CASEY PFLANZ │Co-Owner, TAB Performance, Inc.

Casey was instrumental in the company’s growth in 2022. He managed and developed his team while navigating emerging industry trends and expanding the company’s product line. Casey confronts challenges head-on and with a team-oriented mentality. He genuinely cares for his teammates and is always looking out for what is best for them and the company. He provides excellent support to customers and ensures that when customers call, email or message the company, they are answered by someone working in the facility.

Casey helped grow the business from a small company that mostly made mufflers for Harley-Davidson V-Rods, to a large exhaust manufacturer that has expanded to handlebars and aftermarket parts for the UTV industry as well.

WARREN BURGER │General Manager, Airtec Sports

Warren is a dynamic leader in the dealership and has transformed it into a thriving business. He oversaw a 20 percent growth from 2021 to 2022 and a 50 percent growth in Q1 2023. His customer-centric approach fosters loyalty, and he is viewed as a leader rather than a boss. He earns respect and trust from his staff and emphasizes that success is a result of working hard and having fun.

He is actively involved in day-to-day operations, and he dedicates countless hours to ensure the dealership stays ahead in the industry. Warren’s hands-on approach extends to setting up units and strategic planning. He is committed to continuous improvement. His passion for the industry, coupled with a balanced work-life philosophy, creates a positive atmosphere.

His number one rule is to take care of the customer, which is reflected in his loyal customer following.

DUSTIN HUNT │Manager, Sales and Enrollments, Rollick, Inc.

Dustin’s passion and drive have allowed him to lead groundbreaking technology in the industry. He started as an account manager and his leadership skills earned him a promotion to team lead. This year, he became the sales manager. His work ethic, professionalism and positive attitude have fast tracked his career and left a lasting impression on OEMs, dealers and the company’s internal team.

Dustin played a pivotal role in launching and managing the BRP email lead nurture program. He has trained hundreds of powersports dealers, and his expertise extends to lead integration, where he shares best practices and conducts coaching sessions focused on marketing solutions to boost close rates.

Dustin’s vision has influenced the industry’s technological landscape, introducing innovative programs that set new standards for performance, efficiency and results. He is innovative, produces positive changes and inspires others to reach their full potential.

DIA MATTESON │ Harley Davidson Dealership Owner, House of Harley, Anchorage Alaska

Dia creates a family atmosphere across her seven dealerships – three of which are located in Alaska and four in Arizona. She frequently travels between locations and has a hands-on leadership style. She is engaged with both employees and customers. She personally addresses Facebook messages, emails and reviews, and actively participates in customer satisfaction.

In 2012, at the age of 25, Dia became the youngest female owner of a Harley dealership. She purchased the Alaskan dealerships from her father and expanded to Arizona in 2018. She has developed a camping area at an Anchorage dealership for visitors and is also involved in the National Powersports Dealer Association. Beyond her professional commitments, Dia consistently donates and supports initiatives aiding the homeless, showcasing her dedication to both her business and community.

DIAMOND ROBLES │ Regional Sales Manager – Southwest, Octane

Diamond is known for her passionate advocacy for both dealers and the company. She thrives in the ever-evolving industry by embracing innovation and adaptability. She has worked in a dealership and is deeply committed to helping dealers. Under Diamond’s leadership, the Southwest region grew 26 percent in active Octane dealerships from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023, with a notable 16 percent year-over-year increase in deals funded. Her dedication, passion and leadership significantly contributed to these achievements.

She leads by example, is a supportive teammate and demonstrates a strong work ethic that is contagious. She is confident yet compassionate and her wisdom and down-to-earth leadership style make her a fantastic team member.

She is described as a true champion of collaboration and success. Her dealer-centric approach reflects a keen understanding of the industry, earning her recognition as an emerging star in the industry. She has a long history in powersports and is a devoted enthusiast.

CYRUS WEBBER │Sales Manager, Simply Ride

Cy has enhanced the dealership by enlisting a professional sales trainer to develop the sales team. He is committed to customer satisfaction and ensures the team is well prepared to assist customers in finding the right motorcycle. As a hands-on manager, Cy prioritizes the success of his team and coaches them on effective sales strategies and efficient work practices.

His dedication is evident in his willingness to work late and until a deal is closed. Under his leadership, the dealership has experienced growth in sales, staff expansion and retention, and an overall improvement in the workplace atmosphere. Cy leads by example. He demonstrates patience and extensive knowledge of the industry, contributes to the team’s success and creates a positive environment within the dealership.

HARRISON HERRON │ Finance & Business Manager, Foothills Motorsports

Harrison leads by example in both his personal and professional life. He excels in providing exceptional customer experiences and implementing valuable reports for improved results. His commitment to high performance and profitability is evident and he contributes to a positive workplace culture. He is a dedicated team member, known for his exceptional attitude, willingness and eagerness to go the extra mile. He is the first to arrive at the dealership and the last to leave.

In 2022, Harrison significantly enhanced the F&I department. He continuously improves closing rates and innovatively approaches new ideas and products. Harrison extends support to the sales team, ensuring they have the necessary tools for improvement.

He is proactive, he is known for his attention to detail and has a team-player mentality. His dedication and performance have led him and those around him to success.

PAUL DAVIS │ Director of Sales and Marketing, Automatic Distributors

Paul is a proactive and versatile team member known for his continuous learning efforts and collaborative approach to increasing sales. He is a professional and an expert in his field.

Paul has significantly enhanced the company’s marketing footprint in the past year, displaying his knowledge of all facets of marketing. His ability to communicate complex marketing programs in an understandable manner contributes to the success of his campaigns. Paul shares his knowledge with individuals from other companies to promote industry-wide growth.

Behind the scenes, Paul has played a pivotal role in transitioning the company from a regional distributor to a national-level distributor. His visionary approach and knowledge position him as a driving force for taking the company to new heights. Described as a professional among professionals, Paul’s relentless pursuit of innovation and resistance against the status quo reflects his commitment to elevating the business.

STEVEN BARNES │ General Sales Manager, Powersports St. Augustine

Steven’s journey in the powersports industry began when he was 18. He gained experience in the parts and service department, then became a standout in sales. He is known for his organizational skills and attention to detail. He does the little things right. He is described as an asset to the dealership’s team, creating lasting relationships with both clients and colleagues.

Steven is a team player with a consistently positive attitude. He greets customers with genuine enthusiasm. He is consistently ranked among the top-selling team members and earned a promotion to sales manager in 2023.

Colleagues praise Steven’s trustworthiness, commitment and enthusiasm. He is always ready to go the extra mile. He willingly takes on additional tasks, such as washing units, and offers assistance to every department, showcasing his dedication to the success of the dealership.

JONATHAN WATERS │ Owner, Redline Powersports LLC

Jonathan is an energetic, passionate and determined leader who offers creative strategies to drive the dealership forward. He is actively involved in day-to-day operations and has increased gross profit and sales revenue.

He has been a leader in powersports since he reentered the industry in 2020. He has overseen the implementation of analysis tools, expanded the platform team and successfully managed a fourth acquisition. He skillfully navigated the increased inventory supply and has found a balance between margin and inventory turns tailored to each segment.

He sets ambitious goals and sparks healthy opposition as needed. He enacts the motto “inspect what you expect.” His constant pursuit of improvement for the business and himself serves as a motivating example for his team. He believes every aspect of the business can be refined and he boosts growth as he remains a dedicated student of the industry.

LUKE BARTO │ Powersports Product Line Manager, Cometic Gasket, Inc.

Luke showcases strong leadership skills and presents well-thought-out ideas in meetings. Before bringing new gasket kits to market, he conducts thorough research. Luke is hailed as an excellent ambassador for the company at events. He handles all facets of his travel and balances out-of-office and in-office responsibilities well.   

Luke is an attentive listener to industry veterans and he integrates their wisdom into his innovative ideas to enrich his approach to growth.

ANTHONY BRUNO │ Service Manager, Broward Motorsports

Anthony’s journey with the dealership began in 2006 at the age of 16. He started as a porter and progressed through roles in parts and service. He played a key role in running a custom bike store that was affiliated with the dealership for a year. Following its closure, Anthony took on the role of service manager at one location, then moved to a different location.

He has significantly enhanced the dealership’s service department. Since overseeing all service departments and changing processes, he has increased service profits by 30 percent per store over the course of one year.

Anthony has been pivotal in assisting all group locations. His work ethic is unparalleled, and he is described as having a tenacious attitude and humble demeanor. He is a full-time firefighter and has a brotherhood mentality of ‘no one gets left behind’ and prioritizes a ‘teamwork first’ strategy. His dedication and diverse skills make him a unique and invaluable asset to the dealership.

ALEXANDRA ISAACS │ General Manager/Partner, Columbia Powersports Supercenter

Alex demonstrates exceptional leadership and has helped the dealership achieve a 55 percent year-over-year increase in net profit. This success is reflected in significant growth across various departments, with sales gross up by 12 percent, service gross up by 38 percent and parts gross up by 27 percent year-over-year.

She is known for her innovative thinking, focus on both people and processes, and proactive approach to decision-making. She readily hires the right individuals for key positions and leads a team of 60 employees. Her ability to drive growth and profitability is evident in the dealership’s overall performance.

When she left teaching to join a startup dealership, she attended Garage Composites GM training, where she was recognized as a “mover and shaker” within the industry. She continues to make significant strides, positioning herself as a dynamic force in the powersports sector.

ZACH BOWMAN │ Editor-in-Chief, UTV Driver, Octane

Under Zach’s leadership and brand strategy, the outlet reached more UTV enthusiasts, inspired new and experienced riders, introduced more video content and strengthened its connections with OEMs, gear manufacturers and consumers.

Zach spearheaded significant social media growth and was a driving force of the Behind the Scenes with UTV Driver sweepstakes in July 2022, hosting employees from three winning dealerships at Windrock Park in Tennessee.

Zach consistently goes above and beyond to strengthen relationships and provide value to dealer partners nationwide. He is a team player and ensures the outlet achieves its goals while fostering a positive and enjoyable work environment. According to one nominator, Zach leads by example and helps his team thrive as he contributes to the magazine’s distinctive culture and personality.

COLLIN MIKOTTIS │ Category Specialist – Powersports, Atturo Tires

Collin is a skilled navigator of the powersports market, consistently benefiting the brand through his effective marketing strategies. He is a strong and motivating leader, and his contagious confidence inspires others. Collin’s listens to and coaches others to help them grow within the industry.

He is eager to expand the brand’s influence and efficiently covers significant ground in a short period. He has successfully initiated conversations and collaborations with well-established brands, a challenging feat for someone relatively new to the industry.

He is described as hungry and relentless, and his drive is a source of motivation for others. His ability to make strides in the competitive industry attests to his effectiveness as a leader and marketer. He makes a significant impact on the brand’s presence and success.

BRODY MEIER │ Owner Operator, Great River Harley-Davidson

Brody has demonstrated exceptional performance in key performance indicators (KPIs) since acquiring the dealership in 2021. He exemplifies how dealers should approach staff and customer interactions. He holds employees accountable and continuously pushes them toward success.

Through weekly training sessions and a book club, Brody actively invests in the growth and development of his team. He prioritizes others before himself and his passion for the industry is matched by his commitment to people. He prioritizes customers and strives to fulfill their dreams.

He left a comfortable position at a high profile dealership to venture into ownership with his partner. His nominator shares that he bet on himself and won, he is entirely self-made and notes that every interaction with him has helped them improve.

LAURA MIDDENDORF │ CFO, Horsepower Dealer Group

Laura led the transformation of a 15−year-old scooter shop into a fully furnished Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycle and Can-Am store, selling 15−20 units monthly in its first three months. She played a central role in the dealership’s design, staffing and marketing, showcasing her versatility and leadership.

Laura leads by example and has an unwavering work ethic. She only asks others to do what she is willing to do and has an ability to captivate attention. She is a natural leader and a great listener who provides solid direction based on the best interests of all parties involved. Her logic is fact-based and her goals are achievable. She is a celebratory leader when the team wins.

Laura is a CFO with an operator’s energy. She is involved in every aspect of the business, from software development and call center setup to vendor management and executive leadership. She is described as the lynchpin that keeps the team thriving.

HEATHER WILSON │ Owner/Chief Instructor, High Gear Success and Motorcycle Ohio

Heather has made a significant impact on the riding industry through her dedication to training riders and motorcycle instructors. She is actively engaged in the riding community and advocates for motorcycle safety through public engagements.

With nine years of experience as a motorcycle instructor, Heather’s leadership skills propelled her to the position of chief instructor for Motorcycle Ohio. She is supportive of riders and instructors at all levels, and she sets realistic goals that benefit both herself and those she trains.

Heather developed virtual training for instructors to provide distance learning for riders. She is a passionate rider and consistently strives to improve and help others succeed. She is described as a woman who sets and achieves aggressive goals. She is known for her professionalism, infectious smile and dedication to the industry. Heather’s commitment to motorcycle safety and rider success positions her as a standout figure in the riding community.

LINDSAY CARNEY │ Data Services Account Manager, Lightspeed

Lindsay manages the company’s distributor partners such as Parts Unlimited, Tucker and Western Power Sports, as well as many of its financial partners. She is detail-oriented and displays strong project management skills. Her strong communication skills are apparent as she often works with contracts and agreements and articulates information to customers.

She is described as a rock star, day in and day out. She is a valuable team member who is always willing to help with any project that benefits the team. Her nominator describes her as a great person, who is fun to be around, and who cares about every person she works with. She greatly cares about her career while maintaining a balance between work and family.

KIM DA COSTA │Fulfillment and Kitting Specialist, Siren Marine, Inc.

Kim has played a pivotal role in propelling the company to new heights through her contributions. As the person in charge of kitting, packaging and shipments, Kim navigates and documents highly complex shipping guidelines with expertise. Under her leadership, cycle count checks are over 95 percent accurate. Kim has earned certification in Dangerous Goods training and actively participated in workshops on international shipments over the past year.

Kim takes charge and is organized. All orders are shipped in a timely manner, a testament to her efficient communication skills with employees and managers. Kim demonstrates a proactive work ethic. She excels in her assigned responsibilities and volunteers to assist others. She takes the initiative to learn on her own before reaching out for assistance and takes great pride in her work.

ELIZABETH FOLKERTS │ Marketing Lead, Klock Werks

Beth has significantly enhanced the quality of the company’s marketing materials, earning praise for her leadership and vision. She is commended for her in-house creation of catalogs, emphasizing her pivotal role in representing the brand. She is a mentor and values input from everyone, actively implementing suggestions.

She takes initiative, ensures timely project completion and supports teammates. Beth maintains a positive attitude, embraces criticism and constantly seeks self-improvement. Her infectious smile, creativity and focus are highlighted, along with her successful overhaul of the company’s content cache and the seamless integration of Shopify into the website.

Beyond the marketing team, Beth positively impacts cross-departmental meetings by promoting communication, teamwork and productivity. Colleagues appreciate her collaborative skills, ambition, self-direction and goal-oriented approach, describing her as a calm and focused leader even in high-pressure situations.

TYLER BREWER │ Vice President, Brewer Cycles Inc.

Tyler has excelled as both the general manager and sales manager at the dealership, achieving a remarkable $2 million increase in sales and a substantial boost in profits in 2021. He maintains inventory and pricing updates on the website.

Tyler is known for his compassion and respect towards employees, and he is respected by representatives across all brands. He became involved at the dealership at the age of 14. After college, he returned to fulfill his aspiration of managing the dealership, and now successfully runs it at the age of 35.

Tyler actively engages the dealership in charities, notably contributing over $200,000 to the annual Duke Children’s Hospital Charity ride. This cause is close to his heart, as it is where he received treatment while surviving cancer from 8 to 12 years old.

AERO RUDD │ President, Ciro Corporation

Aero has been a quiet and key player in growing the segment of the business that provides dealers with products. His goal from the outset was to find exceptional team members and support them as they provide exceptional work.

He ensures the team has what they need to grow and is always open to new ideas, process improvements and efficiencies. His willingness to try new ideas has been a driving force behind the company. He started Ciro in 2014 with four others and has kept the idea of constant innovation at the forefront of the business’ culture.

JOEL CRANE │ Owner, Main Street Cycle

Joel has skillfully managed the dealership situated in a town with a population of 300, transforming it into a significant CFMOTO dealer globally, according to his nominator. He is actively engaged in establishing a new line of aftermarket parts known as Team MSC. Joel’s management approach is characterized by fostering a familial atmosphere among employees, culminating in the formation of an exceptional and unbeatable team.


Alex is an avid motocross, ATV and side-by-side racer. He was raised in a dealership and has since brought his motorcycle safety accessory business to the market.

He turned an idea into a product that makes an impact on the riding community, improving rider safety. He has shipped more than 20,000 units to customers since being featured on Shark Tank in 2020. Alex places the needs of others first and runs his company second. He also donates his product to charities and raffles for motorcyclists.

KYLE HELLER │ Powersports Director & Dealer Partner, My Auto Group, Hot Rod Harley, Holeshot Harley, Centra Motor Sports

Kyle leads four locations in Michigan and has overseen the achievement of record profits while ensuring excellent customer service. He also helped organize Bike Time, the largest bike rally in the Midwest with over 60 thousand attendees.

Kyle is described as leading with a servant’s heart and a “you first, I’m second” mentality. He attracts and retains talented staff. Throughout his career in the powersports industry, he has consistently demonstrated unwavering character and integrity.

ALICEJE KEYBURN │ Graphic/Media Designer, Yamaha Financial Services

Aliceje brings a creative outlook to address challenges in internal and external communications, managing dealer support assets, print ads for special sales campaigns, promos and dealer training materials. She is proactive and meets project requirements while consistently exceeding expectations. She actively contributes to the success of the company’s dealer networks and events and invests extra hours to ensure optimal outcomes.

With over a decade of experience in the automotive and powersports market, Aliceje has collaborated with companies such as DragonFire Racing, Mustang Motorcycle Seats, ODI Grips, and more. She has a deep understanding of her audience and effectively communicates strategies tailored to their needs.

She currently serves as Chair Elect on SEMA’s Business Women’s Network and is Co-Lead for Yamaha’s Women Alliance, which helps support and connect women throughout Yamaha.

JOHN RESCINITI │ Owner and President, Motorcycle Mall

John’s leadership has fueled growth in the sales, parts and service departments. In 2022, he ensured the dealership had enough space for inventory to ensure unit sales growth. Beyond financial success, he prioritizes staff well-being and has improved employee benefits.

John leads by example and is always the first to arrive and the last to leave. He attends each department meeting with an open ear, providing tips and support to boost morale. He also holds quarterly town hall meetings with over 90 employees. He pushes his staff to communicate properly and professionally.

John has been living and breathing the motorcycle and powersports business since he was a kid and has worked in every department. He oversaw a facility expansion from 28,000 square feet to 108,000 square feet and joined two 20 Groups. He has been asked to sit on Honda’s dealer group board and plays other important roles for brands like Yamaha and Suzuki.

DEREK OSNER │ Sales Manager, Crossroad Powersports

Derek’s leadership has shaped the entire dealership. His forward focused thinking has increased gross sales numbers every year since he has taken over the sales department. He has implemented new sales procedures to increase efficiency and provide a seamless customer experience, earning him 5−star customer reviews.

Overseeing a team of 10 across sales, F&I, prep and the warehouse, Derek’s foresight ensures a well-coordinated operation where no detail is overlooked before customers arrive. He handles F&I when needed and has done everything from unloading new bikes to deliveries and everything in between. He has a decade of experience as the parts manager and is certified in most dealership brands.

He is highly regarded by his peers. He is not just a leader but also an enthusiast. He is an expert road racer with multiple championships under his belt and after work he mentors young riders at the motocross track, including his son, to help them reach their own potential.

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