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E-bike company offers upgradable e-bike

Wicked Thumb ElectroCycles, based out of Denton, Texas, has unveiled its Destroyer X upgradeable e-bike. The electric bike can be upgraded from a Class 1 to Class 3 or Class 3 at any point, without expensive componenet upgrades and intimidating labor.

Customers send their computer to Wicked Thumb and the company will then flash it with a new program. The computer will be returned to customers with along with the new throttle kit and supplemental plug and play wiring.

Customers can upgrade the Wicked Thumb Destroyer X to Class 2 or Class 3 by sending in their computer which will be flashed with a new program before receiving a throttle package. Photo courtesy of Wicked Thumb ElectroCycles

Class 1 e-bikes are limited to 20mph via pedal assist and without throttle. Most e-bikes are designed for the first-time buyer with a class 1 motor, controller, battery and braking systems. Many riders, however, have an appetite for more speed and a throttle. Before now, this required expensive new parts or it most likely meant it was more practical to buy an entirely new bike. 

With the Destroyer X, customers can buy a Class 2 or Class 3 flash and throttle package and send in hardware for refreshening and calibration. The bike is equipped to handle up to Class 3.

Wicked Thumb recently shared, “This is our thank you to all of our supporters and a tribute to all the hard working riders in America. It’s an open invitation to expand the Wicked Thumb Army at a very reasonable price point with the ability to enhance your bike at any point in the future at a reasonable and environmentally responsible cost.”

The Destroyer X is available for pre-order and listed at $2,295.

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