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SUPER73 launches electric e-bike lineup, youth balance bike

SUPER73, an American lifestyle adventure brand and manufacturer of electric bicycles based in Irvine, California, has launched its electric bike Adventure Series and youth balance bike.  

The Adventure Series is designed for the ultimate explorer with added standard front suspension across the entire line. Select Adventure Series models boast fully adjustable front and rear suspension to personalize the riding experience.

The SUPER73 Adventure Series is designed for the outdoor adventurer. Photos courtesy of SUPER73

Each SUPER73 Adventure Series model comes standard with more aggressive SUPER73 GRZLY tires, an extended performance seat with gripper vinyl for added comfort, a headlight and rear light, fenders and the relocation of the battery to the down tube for the S and R models to provide a lower center of gravity for better handling. The eight-speed cassette is a standard feature on all bikes in the series.

“At SUPER73, we combine thoughtful design with features riders want on our vehicles. It’s a combination of form and function that sets us apart from the competition and the SUPER73 Adventure Series delivers in spades, so we’re excited to announce the new lineup is available now,” says LeGrand Crewse, CEO, SUPER73. “We are huge proponents of listening to our customer feedback, especially from our Super Squad, while understanding the critical details that take our product to the next level. We’re always evolving our product lineup to reach the widest array of riders possible, showcasing a steadfast commitment to current and new customers.”

The Adventure Series includes the Z, S and R Adventure bike, each with improved front suspension.

SUPER73 Z Adventure

Starting at $2,695

The SUPER73 Z Adventure design embodies a nostalgic, raw, moto-inspired bike that is the most cost effective in the new lineup. The Z model comes equipped with front suspension, a front fender, an eight speed cassette and headlight to fit each rider’s needs. The model features a new front suspension fork and hydraulic brakes.

SUPER73 S Adventure

Starting at $3,595

Taking a step up from the SUPER73 Z Adventure, the SUPER73 S Adventure embodies the classic e-bike feel with a muted, yet authentic style. Boasting all the same features as its sister Z model, the SUPER73 S Adventure comes equipped with an off-road style front and rear fender, along with a relocated battery on the down tube of the frame and extended seat, providing a more aggressive design.

SUPER73 R Adventure

Starting at $ $3,995

The flagship SUPER73 R Adventure, boasts an aggressive look and features everything the Z and S models come standard, along with the addition of fully adjustable front and rear suspension.


The K1D electric balance bike is ideal for kids ages 4-8 years old and offers a 60-minute play time. SUPER73 emphasized a technology-focused theme throughout the bike, including regenerative braking and a safe battery.

With the inclusion of regenerative braking, when a rider releases the throttle, the vehicle will use the electric motor to flow current back into the battery, slowing down the vehicle and charging the battery – which means longer lasting brakes and more range on the battery.

The K1D electric balance bike is ideal for kids ages 4-8 years old and offers a 60-minute play time.

“The technological advancements in the K1D youth series balance bike is groundbreaking from a safety, performance, and durability standpoint. We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated product has officially arrived,” Crewse says. “The launch of K1D provides us with an entirely new customer base of young, aspiring riders and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge in our industry.”

The balance bike features a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFe PO4) that is resistant to thermal events, which essentially allows riders to continue charging the battery in all weather conditions. The K1D’s battery charges in 45 minutes.

Through the launch of K1D, SUPER73 wants to help educate kids on appropriate rider safety at an early age by teaching them the proper way to ride, along with other safety measures from the start.

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