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Martelli Brothers announce ‘Unlimited Off-Road Racing’ series

The Martelli Brothers recently announced a brand new desert off-road racing organization called “Unlimited Off-Road Racing.” The new series will include the historic Parker 400, BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400, and California 300 races and host all desert classes including youth, UTV’s, motorcycles, cars, and trucks.

The new series will also feature the UTV World Championship, which will be determined by points accumulated at all three events. Unlimited Off-Road Racing will offer cash, prizes and a prestigious points championship across three of the top desert races in the sport. The announcement comes on the heels of the organization’s biggest Mint 400 race and event in recent history.

The new Unlimited Off-Road Racing series will include the UTV World Championship, as well as a class for motorcycles. (Photo: UORR)

“The Parker 400 is one of the oldest and most historic races in our sport and we’re excited to have that become part of our calendar as we take yet another massive step forward in our league’s development,” says Unlimited Off-Road Racing CEO and co-owner Matt Martelli. “We’re preparing to take the same assets and marketing power that we have used to make The Mint 400 the biggest spectacle in the sport and apply that to our entire league. Racers, partners, and fans can expect us to deliver the best experience, media coverage, and value in the industry as we continue to grow and expand our offering. That includes industry-leading production from our team at Mad Media, live stream team, and events group.”

The Parker 400 race began in 1971 and was called the “Dam 500”. It was created by the Parker Dam Chamber of Commerce (now Parker Area Chamber of Commerce) and NORRA. The event had over 100 entries in its first year followed by 37 entries in year two (16 finishers) and 83 entries in year three.

“The Parker 400 is one of the most iconic and important races in our sport’s history,” adds Josh Martelli, COO of Unlimited Off-Road Racing. “It deserves top-notch billing and the same approach we implemented for restoring and promoting The Mint 400 these past 12 years. We’re excited to work with the BLM, the city officials and the people of Parker and La Paz county to restore this race and transform it into a massive event for the entire industry to rally around.”

The Parker 400 will take place in January of 2024, followed by the Mint 400 in March and California 300 in October. Complete details on the Unlimited Off-Road Racing series will be forthcoming.

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