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Carlson Moto launches ‘Inside Off-Road’ YouTube series

Carlson Moto has announced the introduction of a new YouTube series, Inside Off-Road, bringing viewers behind-the-scenes of the Championship Off-Road series where Andrew Carlson competes in the sport’s premier PRO 4 and PRO MOD SxS classes.

“We’re excited to give our growing social media audience and fan base a new video series. With the success of the AC15 Vlog, we’re branching out in a new direction with the Inside Off-Road series and are showing viewers a more in-depth and technical style of content while Carlson Moto chases championships at the sport’s highest level,” said team marketing director Taylor Carlson in the announcement.

According to the announcement, in the season premier of Inside Off-Road, Carlson Moto gives viewers a dive into the history of the race team and the background of driver and Red Bull athlete, Andrew Carlson, as they look ahead to the most anticipated off-road season yet.

You can watch the first episode on Carlson’s YouTube channel, and also any latest industry news on the PSB YouTube.

Carlson Moto heads to Crandon, Wisconsin, for the Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run on June 26-27.

Carlson Moto, Andrew Carlson, Championship Off-Road series, YouTube series
Andrew Carlson of Carlson Moto.

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