‘Southern Breeze’ motorcycle shop opens in Georgia

Fairmount, Georgia, has been a hotspot of development lately, according to Andy Lowery, owner of Southern Breeze motorcycle shop. As a result, he and his girlfriend found a “perfect location” to open a shop in town, he told the Chattanooga Free Times recently.

Southern Breeze opened at the beginning of March and sells motorcycle gear and apparel, including boots, jackets, helmets and shirts. Lowery also told the Free Times that he plans to sell food like hot dogs and deli sandwiches.

Southern Breeze motorcycle shop owner Andy Lowery and his girlfriend. (Photo: Facebook)

“Every now and then, you just need a little wind therapy on two wheels,” he says in the article about the origin of the name Southern Breeze. (Editor’s note: Even we northerners could use a little southern breeze and two-wheel therapy, so kudos to Lowery on the name.)

Lowery also credits his girlfriend for helping him get started and stocking women’s gear. He says there have been a few challenges with the food service end of the business and sourcing, but things will be sorted out in time for the summer riding season.

Southern Breeze opened in early March and sells gear and apparel, and plans to sell some food to bikers who ride in the northern Georgia area. (Photo: Facebook)

The shop owner says that there’s a great deal of motorcycle traffic in the area, and on Highway 411, where Southern Breeze is located, which should help with getting customers to come in and check the place out.

Currently, Southern Breeze is operating by appointment and with open times posted on their website and Facebook page. PSB wishes the new motorcycle shop good luck in its new endeavor.

Read the full story on the Chattanooga Free Times website.

(Correction: Southern Breeze reached out to inform us that they are actually located in Fairmount, Georgia, not Dawsonville, as was indicated earlier.)