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NHRA approves new Suzuki Hayabusa bodywork

The Vance & Hines/Mission/Suzuki Pro Stock Motorcycle (PSM) Team is eager for the 2023 NHRA season, after receiving approval from the NHRA for the first new Suzuki bodywork in over a decade.

On Feb. 1-2, Vance & Hines’ NHRA PSM team completed preseason testing at the site of the season’s first race at the Gainesville, Florida Raceway. This was the first PSM test session for new team member Gaige Herrera and the focus was on the setup for the Suzuki Hayabusa race bikes, which will be piloted by Herrera and four-time champion Eddie Krawiec. The Gen 3 Hayabusa bodywork impressed the team, with multiple runs at over 200 mph, and achieving the goal of being a stable, race-ready design.

The new Suzuki Hayabusa bodywork has been approved by the NHRA.

“This was a great week for our team,” said Andrew Hines, crew chief. “Working with Gaige and Eddie, seeing how well our bikes performed, and now receiving approval from the NHRA, everything is coming together for this season.”

“One of our objectives with our return to NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racing was to develop an all-new body modeled after the Gen 3 Hayabusa,” said Kerry Graeber, senior vice president, Suzuki Motor USA’s. “Vance & Hines has done a terrific job with the new body and we’re pleased that it performed so well at its first test. Our vision is for all competitors racing Suzuki motorcycles in the NHRA series to transition to the new body.”

Graeber added that Suzuki will offer assistance to teams riding Suzuki PSM bikes to move to the new body.

This was the first test session using the new Gen 3 Hayabusa bodywork, designed to replicate the look of the newest generation of the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. The carbon fiber components were designed by Vance & Hines in collaboration with ADC Inc., using digital scans of a new production Hayabusa motorcycle. The new bodywork closely resembles the look of the Hayabusa while accommodating a 10-inch-wide rear tire and a wheelbase that is 10 inches longer than stock.

  • The new Gen 3 Hayabusa PSM bodywork is symmetrical, meaning the air flow on each side of the bike is similar, or aerodynamically balanced. This allows the rider to guide the motorcycle with less physical input.
  • The rider cockpit is designed to accommodate a wider variety of riders, allowing both small and large stature riders to fit on the bike.
  • Rider ergonomics, the interaction of rider and controls, is improved as well, allowing riders to ride the motorcycle more easily and comfortably.

NHRA has a strict process for approving new bodywork, and Vance & Hines worked closely with NHRA and Suzuki on the development and approval of the new design. With NHRA’s recent approval, Vance & Hines is working with Leading Edge Composites for production of the final Gen 3 carbon fiber panels. The bodywork will be available to all Suzuki-riding teams through Vance & Hines. Reed Motorsports, with riders Cory Reed and Joey Gladstone, has already placed orders for the Gen 3 Hayabusa Pro Stock bodywork.

The 2023 NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle season kicks off at the Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida on March 9-12.

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