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Atturo Tires joins UTV market with bold protection plan

With more than 13 years of experience making light truck and trailer tires, Atturo Tires plans to enter the powersports market with its new Trail Blade and Trail Blade XT tires. First displayed at the SEMA Show in November 2022, the new tires are designed for UTV use in sizes from 28-in. to 35-in. for 14-in. and 15-in. wheels. The steel-belted radial tires come with Atturo’s “Trail Hazard” protection plan at no additional cost. “If one of our Trail Blade side-by-side tires is popped on a rock on the trail, we will replace it. No other brand stands behind their UTV tire like Atturo,” said Michael Mathis, Atturo president, in a press release.

We spoke with Mathis for details about the company’s bold entrance into the powersports market.

Powersports Business: Atturo Tires are currently sold through tire service centers, traditional auto-tire retailers. But your new tires are for powersports enthusiasts, and you have an exhibit planned at AIMExpo. Are you actively targeting UTV dealers with these new products?

Michael Mathis: While Atturo is new to this market, any powersports consumer into sport riding (not just utility UTV use) is probably familiar with the Atturo brand, whether on a truck or a vehicle trailer. We’re entering the powersports market with tires for sport and recreation-focused riders. Our tires will be sold through powersports dealers. We will announce our powersports distribution plans soon.

Atturo Tires new Trail Blade UTV tire comes with Trail Hazard flat protection.

PSB: How did you determine you could offer a tire-replacement protection plan? 

Mathis: Honestly, the idea was a bit of a whim. “Road hazard” protection is an add-on feature for many on-road automotive tires, but that’s limited to on-road use and excludes off-road riding. My own experience with off-road is that trail riders need to be prepared for flats on the trail, as well as the expense that follows. I wanted to eliminate that. As much as some off-roaders might enjoy trail side repairs, we wanted to eliminate the headache and expense. The strength of the design and the construction makes it possible.

PSB: You haven’t release details yet, but does a premium price structure make this possible?

Mathis: I think dealers will be thrilled with the pricing. The Atturo brand has always tried to be budget friendly. We are not the least nor the most expensive tires on the market. People will be thrilled to get this added protection without paying a premium for it. We will share pricing closer to the launch date and the AIMExpo event.

PSB: I see the protection plan is limited to 24 months of ownership, but do you think you’ll continue the program long term?

Mathis: This is not just an introductory offer or limited-time program. We think this is a program that will continue. We do exclude commercial use and competition use. This is really for your enthusiast-type trail rider.

PSB: Do you use a new technology that makes the tires more durable, or is this just a bold customer service move? 

Mathis: I wouldn’t say this is new technology. We build these tires on the same machinery with the same technology as our light-truck (LT) tires. We use segmented molds that have as many as 6 to 10 pieces. The tire construction machinery is among the most advanced in the world. This is not a LT tire, but the construction is similar, and they’re steel belted.

Powersports Business will bring more news on Atturo’s entrance into the powersports market when it’s available.

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