Dunlop expands Q5 tire lineup

Dunlop has revealed the Sportmax Q5S set, the successor to the highly popular Sportmax Q3+. The Dunlop Sportmax Q5S sets the new benchmark for the ultimate street and track-day tire. Following in the development footsteps of the Q5, the Q5S has achieved even higher performance when compare to the Q3+ by utilizing aspects from Dunlop’s cutting-edge road race tires.

Having enhanced constructions, profiles, compounds and tread patterns, the Q5S provides lighter and nimbler handling and improved dry and wet grip to make it even more user-friendly all while maintaining class-leading durability.

Key features of the all new Sportmax Q5S:

• Optimized tread pattern design to improve wear characteristics and enhance warm-up times

• Front tire profile has a shorter and narrower profile to improve responsiveness and give the tire a lighter feel.

• Front tire has reduced dynamic stiffness and increased damping to improve compliance all to improve braking and handling performance.

• Added 200/55ZR17 rear size to allow for additional bike fitments.

• Rear tread contains Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread technology, giving riders outstanding mileage without sacrificing handling.

• Improved compound to enhance both the wet and dry grip by adjusting the compound formula.


• Both front and rear tires utilize Dunlop’s proprietary Racing Type Fine Carbon Technology in the tread compound.

• Dunlop’s proprietary Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) for ultra-linear and responsive steering.

• Proudly made in Dunlop’s Buffalo, NY factory.


The Sportmax Q5S will be sold through all Dunlop retailers, as well as race tire distributors, to be easily accessible to all street or track riders. Tires will be available in all channels beginning mid-December.


Front Sizes:



Rear Sizes:







200/55ZR17 New

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