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Tug Hill partnerships to create economic impact study

The Tug Hill region of Upstate New York is well known throughout the entire Snowbelt for its wide-range of trail access and dependable snowfall totals each season. But now public officials want to know exactly what snowmobilers bring to the local economy.

A new partnership created by the Lewis County Economic Development, Jefferson County Economic Development, Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, Oneida County Tourism, Oswego County Community Development, Tourism and Planning, Operation Oswego County, the Tug Hill Commission and several area snowmobile clubs aims to create an economic impact study of snowmobiling in Lewis County and the Tug Hill region.

The study is aimed to determine how to make the area even more appealing to recreational visitors, and its results are due this summer.

Powersports Business has previously reported on local governments increasing access to powersports machines, ultimately leading to an increase in sales.

With a focus on increased and convenient access mixed continued demand, the results of the study will be interesting and likely applicable to many areas throughout the U.S. – be it for snowmobiles, ATVs or other.

Keep an eye on updates as this story progresses.

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