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Snowmobiling has $101.1 million annual economic impact for one region: report

In March Powersports Business reported partnerships created in the Tug Hill region of New York to review the economic impact of winter snowmobiling tourism.

The results are now in, and found that more than 35,000 people visit annually to participate in recreational snowmobiling, with more than $100 million in annual economic impact for the area.

Other highlights of the study include:
* 52% of unique users are non-local from outside of the Tug Hill region
* Non-local users spend a total of 347,337 days in the Tug Hill region each year and participate in activities beyond snowmobiling, including dining out and local events/festivals
* A non-local snowmobile user spends on average $192 per day
* In total, 866 jobs, over $28.8 million in wages (earnings), and nearly $81.6 million in sales are attributed to snowmobile activity
* Total tax revenue that results from snowmobile activity is estimated to be nearly $445,000 in Lewis County each year

Powersports tourism can lead to sales of both equipment and machines. What is your area doing to bring in non-local residents to the region?

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