Dump bed, larger engine part of new 2021 side-by-side; $9,499 MSRP

A new side-by-side for the 2021 model-year will include a dump bed and a larger engine as part of its debut in the hottest market in powersports.

American Honda has revealed that a new multipurpose side-by-side — the Pioneer 520 — will be offered for the 2021 model year. An evolution of the Pioneer 500, the vehicle boasts updates highlighted by a new dump bed that increases its ability to haul loads, welcome news to everyone from hobby farmers to fishing enthusiasts.

Measuring 25.9 inches by 38.7 inches by 9.8 inches, the tilt bed has D-ring anchors and cutouts to accept buckets, milk crates, wood dividers and even cups. The bed is also compatible with Honda’s extensive line of Pro-Connect accessories, including racks, cargo boxes, chainsaw mounts and more, all of which are simple to install and remove.

2021 Honda Pioneer 520

Compared to the Pioneer 500, the Pioneer 520 has a 43cc larger displacement, the largest in its class at 518cc, making it more capable for hauling loads or scrambling up steep ascents. Improvements were also made to the suspension, which is plusher and more comfortable.

“Since its 2015 introduction, Honda’s smallest multipurpose side-by-side has proven that impressive performance is possible even in a compact, nimble package,” said Lee Edmunds, Senior Manager of Powersports Marketing for American Honda. “For 2021, the Pioneer 520 features a larger engine and a dump bed, but it retains the 50-inch width and 73-inch wheelbase that have been so popular. Whether customers are looking for an entry-level side-by-side, stepping up from an ATV, or just seeking a vehicle that can work hard and have fun without taking up a lot of room, the Pioneer 520 should be at the top of their list.”

2021 Honda Pioneer 520

The 2021 Honda Pioneer 520 is scheduled for release in January and will be available in Honda Phantom Camo, Red, Olive and Reactor Blue. The MSRP is $9,499 for standard color options, and $10,099 for Honda Phantom Camo.

While the Pioneer 520 gets the headlines, Honda will also continue to offer the Pioneer 500 as a high-value option for customers who prioritize a good deal and don’t need the updates of the new side-by-side. Placing added emphasis on value, the Pioneer 500 will be available in Red, at a permanent price reduction of $8,499.


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