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Vanderhall to debut off-road vehicle in 2022 (video)

Utah-based Vanderhall Motor Works released its second video for its off-road adventure vehicle, the Navarro. The video begins with a review of the process Vanderhall uses to design and manufacture its model platforms: Venice, Carmel, and Edison.

The technology is the foundation of Vanderhall’s entry into their upcoming off-road model. Additional clues are revealed with the Navarro being defined as inspired by trophy truck racing, with long-travel suspension and integrated utility, and modular accessory capabilities found in the overland off-road industry.

The patented Matrix Platform Vanderhall has developed creates a unique, almost jig-less manufacturing process. The simplicity of assembly also enables accelerated prototyping, giving Vanderhall’s product design team the ability to bypass clay and go straight to a bodied proof-of-concept production quality chassis. “We work in the design lab of the future. We’ve replaced clay and scrapers with 3D printers and lasers. We would rather wrench on reality,” said chief engineer, Chris Johnson.

The timeline for additional Navarro announcements is as follows:


▪ Product update with specifications and features more fully defined


▪ Dealer distribution requirements release.

Summer 2021

▪ Preorder made available

The Navarro is estimated to be released as part of the 2022 Vanderhall model lineup.


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