Can-Am unveils 2015 off-road lineup


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Can-Am unveiled its 2015 off-road lineup today. Here’s a look at the lineup.

NEW Models

Outlander L 450 / Outlander L 500

Utilizing a similar G2 SST frame introduced previously on the larger-bore Outlander models, the new Outlander L 450 and L 500 ATVs feature class leading power and design, but are the most affordable and value-packed Can-Am 4x4 ATVs to date.

Complete with an unprecedented five-year extended warranty, CVT and steel racks, the Outlander L models come with either an all-new 38-HP liquid-cooled, single-cylinder Rotax four-stroke or the established 46-HP liquid-cooled, SOHC Rotax V-Twin engine.

Both models are also offered with the optional Can-Am DPS package, which includes Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS), Visco-Lok QE, larger magneto and cast-aluminum wheels.









Outlander L MAX 450 / Outlander L MAX 500

The Outlander L MAX 450 / L MAX 500 are available in either a base or DPS package and have longer wheelbase, specialized configuration and components to accommodate a passenger. An optional removable storage box can easily transform either machine back to a one-up ATV in seconds. The Outlander L MAX 450 is powered by new, class-leading 38-hp Rotax four stroke engine. The ATVs include the MAX family’s redesigned passenger seat for 2015 and also feature the exclusive Dynamic Passenger Comfort system, complete with handholds, footrests and stadium seating. The steel racks offer improves sight lines and a whopping 360-pound (163 kg) combined rack capacity. These models also include an unmatched five-year extended warranty as well as class-leading power and performance.








Outlander 6x6 XT

The 2015 Can-Am Outlander 6x6 XT is the toughest, most versatile ATV we’ve ever made. New to the North American Can-Am ATV lineup, the 6x6 is available with either the proven-and-potent 62-HP Rotax V-Twin 650 or the unmatched 82-hp, liquid-cooled Rotax 1000 V-Twin. Both Outlander 6x6 models were influenced by the four-wheeled SST G2 Outlander 4x4, but features an additional set of rear wheels, a unique, new Double Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI2) rear suspension, quick-release sway bar, Dual-Level cargo box with modular accessories, the largest towing capacity of any Can-Am ATV and a 3,000-pound WARN winch standard. For getting the job done, there’s nothing like the Outlander 1000 6x6 XT.









NEW Package

Outlander 800R X mr

The Outlander 800R X mr makes a stellar return to the Can-Am ATV lineup in 2015, but is essentially all new and unique to the X mr ATV family. The Outlander 800R X mr features the outstanding 71-hp Rotax 800R V-Twin engine and the shorter wheelbase SST G2 frame and five-way preload adjustable, mud-specific shocks. Its 30-inch mud-ready Gorilla Axle Silverback tires and ITP cast-aluminum wheel package was borrowed from the Outlander 1000 X mr. Tri-Mode DPS, Visco-Lok QE, 3,000-pound WARN winch, X-package graphics and a multi-function digital gauge come standard.


NEW Color Schemes


Light Grey with Can-Am Red graphics comes as a new color choice for the Commander 800R and Commander 1000 DPS vehicles.  The 2015 Commander 800R XT and Commander 1000 XT each are available with the refreshing painted Pearl White finish. The 1000 XT also offers a new, optional Brushed Aluminum color with Can-Am Red highlights. A new, stylish Black-and-Orange color scheme will be the sole choice for the Commander 1000 XT-P side-by-side.

The stellar and unmatched Can-Am Maverick 1000R X mr is offered in two colors, its standard painted Black-and-Yellow X-Team finish or the hypnotizing Digital Camo and Manta Green finish.


A new Light Grey color with Can-Am Red graphics is now available, along with Viper Red, for a base color choice for the new Outlander L models. It’s also available as a color option for all SST G2 Outlander DPS models (450 to 1000) and the Outlander 650 6x6. A clean, painted Pearl White and a striking Brushed Aluminum with Can-Am Red highlights make their debut as optional colors on select Outlander and Outlander MAX XT models.

The 2015 Outlander XT-P (both one-up and two-up) will only be offered in a new Black-and-Orange color scheme.

Joining the traditional painted black-and-yellow finish, a new, flashy Digital Camo and Manta Green schematic, which perfectly matches the Outlander 1000 X mr and Renegade 1000 ATVs’ brawny packages, is also available. The luxurious Can-Am Outlander 1000 Limited ATV will wear painted Pearl White or an all-new, alluring Deep Pewter Satin.

NEW Features For Model Year 2014

Rotax 450

A new single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve Rotax engine powers the new Outlander L 450 and Outlander MAX L 450 models. The EFI-fed, four stroke engine offers a class-leading 38 horsepower and is designed with efficient, reliable performance.

Lower L gear

Available on the Outlander 6x6 ATVs, and both the Maverick 1000R X mr and Outlander 1000 X mr, the new lower “L gear” in the continuously variable transmission (CVT) allows for an increased workload, but also has a softer engagement.

4,500-pound WARN ProVantage

A 4,500-pound WARN winch kit includes a roller fairlead, wired remote control and integrated remote storage. The winch is designed to compliment all Can-Am side-by-side vehicles with an XT package, and handle heavy-duty loads when at the work site and on the trail.

New Commander wheels

A new 14-inch, package-specific, cast-aluminum wheel gives the Commander its eye-catching look. The Commander 800 DPS and Commander 1000 DPS models also received an updated silver-colored cast-aluminum wheel for 2015. The Commander 1000 XT-P also has updated headlock wheels.

Maverick 1000R X mr shocks

Large-diameter, 47-millimeter aluminum FOX piggyback shocks are fully adjustable with high- and low-speed compression, rebound and multi-position preload adjustment.


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  1. I think you guys should build a XT 1000 commander 6x6 to compete with the ranger 6x6

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