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Tire manufacturer announces price increase

In another sign of the pressures that OEMs and aftermarket parts makers are facing, the Mitas company has announced across-the-board increases in the prices of its motorcycle, scooter and specialty tires.

The Slovenian-based company sent out notice of the move on September 29.

The cause? Higher prices on raw materials plus the logistics challenges of getting materials and then shipping the finished product, Mitas said.

It’s a story told over and over again in various sectors in the powersports market and beyond. Shortages, supply chain issues, transportation challenges – all things that continue to cause havoc and drive inflation.

In the case of Mitas, this is the second price increase the company has announced this calendar year. Mitas said this increase will vary between 5 to 10 percent and is effective starting on October 1.

Powersports Business recently spoke with Gary Gustafson of G-Force Consulting Inc. for a recent edition to further explain some of the shortages, both labor and materials, that many powersports OEMs are facing. 

 “What’s happening is that the powersports industry is being awakened that larger issues affect us, and we need to be involved more,” Gustafson said.

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