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City demolishes neighborhood-built track

Field of Dreams taught us ‘if you build it, they will come’ – but apparently that’s not true in one California neighborhood.

Residents of Del Sur are ‘outraged’ after the city opted to bulldoze its neighborhood-built BMX track. According to Fox 5 it was described as a positive outlet for kids after school where kids could “play, problem solve and be kids.”

In a letter sent by its neighborhood association, the decision “stated the city issued a violation notice to have the track leveled because the lot is ‘100% conserved and not to be disturbed.’” The letter also states in order to have a dirt bike course, the lot would need to be legally developed with permit.

“This is in my neighborhood, and it really is a travesty. It was a very tame track that was built by kids and their dads during COVID on about an acre of empty field under nearby powerlines,” explained NPA CEO Jim Woodruff, who reached out to Powersports Business after the story was reported. “It was used frequently and there was no noise, trouble or anything negative associated with it. Why the city felt compelled to fine the owner (probably the power company or HOA) is beyond me, unless a whiny neighbor felt compelled to play God for a day and complained. It was not a “habitat” prior to the track – it was a vacant area with leftover dirt dumped from construction of the power lines and nearby homes, and was mostly weeds which the track builders simply left in place. The sad irony is that this ‘protected habitat’ is now just an acre of dirt – every plant, animal or form of life that coexisted with the 2-foot wide trail that wound through it is now dust. It’s a senseless shame and those kids will likely head back indoors to waste away in front of their video games.”

Powersports Business has previously reported on dealerships working to create ORV parks in an effort to give its patrons more access to places to ride.

Has your dealership considered how access can affect sales?

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